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  1. If they ever do make a halo television series then they better explain why its called HALO!!! AKA forerunners and flood! and hay maybe if they have Christopher Schlerf on the team at the time we may even see a... do I dear say... (gulp)... Precursor... if you don't know what I mean by Precursor look up (The Primordial) however if they don't have the cool gang back together I don't think we will get to see any of the truly epic stuff:/
  2. I don't care 343i stop living in the past and look ford. With that said I'm referring for you to keep us updated on halo: 5.
  3. I know ODST is old news but lets face it the old is always better than the new;) with that said I'm looking for a group of determent ODST fire-fighters! The game will be hosted on Xbox360 My Xbox360 name: nipa101 please give me a heads up on the forms here if your interested and make sure to give me your Xbox360 name before sanding me a friend request. P.S don't be shy lets kick some ass!
  4. we need flood. get us flood so that the enemy has something else to shot at.
  5. Yes we need flood! they are the primary bad guys and they are a worthy enemy to fight. the whole game is based around them and this shows us some real evidence as there may be flood in halo 5! I really hope there are we need flood so the knights have something else to shot at:)
  6. let us not forget that if we are fighting on a halo each halo has a Flood containment facility and that dose make it very possible to have the flood as a enemy in halo 5. especially considering have the events of the first halo game when down.
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