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  1. I dare you to go into the shoutbox and say you love a random member. I will do this too.
  2. I love this idea, why doesn't 343 make cool armour like this?
  3. Sounds pretty cool, I would like some of the old vehicles to come back. Maybe bigger maps too for firefight, also I would love to see invasion come back.
  4. It would be really neat to see a gametype like that, I really liked BTB - Big Team Battle. I would also like to see more firefight maps, the ones in Halo 4 were not that good.
  5. I guess my mom, other than that I wouldn't know. I would like a Dare please.
  6. May I have a Truth as well?
  7. Congratulations Mr. Ledgend.
  8. 343 is currently fixing it. Besides this is just a fan forum.
  9. Spartans, I always preferred Spartans over the Elites.
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