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  1. I might be the only person on this site that's never played it!
  2. How come you wont be able to get it? Seems like they have taken on board what fans have said! Can see this being a game that's played for years if the multiplayer is done right!
  3. It annoys me that they can do this kind of thing. I get they are a business and wanna make money but it's sneaky waiting until there's a point where most places use your product, and in some cases probably need it to run a business, then decide they wanna regularly charge for it. Will be interesting to see what alternatives pop up though
  4. Bummer is an understatement :-P Here's hoping that it's only going to apply to newer versions of everything. Like the older versions, of say photoshop, won't change to a subscription but you won't get newer features that come with the newer software. That's probably wishful thinking though
  5. Love replaying Final Fantasy VIII & IX! There's was a game for the Commodore 64 called Flimbo's Quest. Worth checking out
  6. Final Fantasy 7-10 Darksiders 2 ost Assassins Creed 2 - Rome Countryside Skyrim - Kyne's Peace & Far Horizons Sonic Generations: Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot To name a few
  7. Agree it's a bad move but considering how well established they are with pretty much everything it doesn't surprise me they have made this decision. Think about the amount of people and companies that use this and how many will be willing to pay a subscription to keep on using it. Companies especially won't want to change anything and will want to keep things simple so will foot the bill. Adobe are gonna make a lot of money if this goes ahead! I would expect to see a lot of alternatives to adobe pop up pretty soon.
  8. I'd be up for this. A 1v1 in what game? You can DM me the details
  9. Any suggestions for a music track would be welcome Let's go for Reach. Got a Halo 4 video up already and a couple more on the way so Reach would add some variety, Halo wise, for the channel
  10. I recently watched the gameplay trailer for GTAV and while I wasn't too bothered about it before I now cannot wait to get this game! The option to switch between 3 different characters during a mission and deciding how you can go about how to do a mission is what grabbed my attention the most. The side missions seem pretty decent as well and being able to invest in businesses and stocks etc seems like it could be a good laugh (Also seeing this as where all my hard earned money will disappear ) Being able to play sports like cycle races, golf and tennis seems like it could be fun and a decent distraction from the main game. The quick 5 second clip they show you from the multiplayer looks like it could easily surpass the multiplayer from GTA IV. That might have something to do with the Fighter Jet that goes zooming by though. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet you really should! If you have seen it already what's your opinion on it? Has it tempted you to buy it?
  11. I don't you don't need to hear each other but thinking for when it gets loaded to YouTube some voiceover banter would be good for it rather than just gunshot noises ya know? It's up to you though I can just add a music track or something over it.
  12. These should keep us all busy for a while! I'll take you up on that :-P Need to sort out my mic situation though. Turns out I can't record through the xbox mics with my capture card so would need to arrange chatting online to get the voiceover that way, like through skype or somehting. Same as above For the other challenges set to us so far how many attempts would we get to complete them?
  13. Those are some good challenges, will work on getting them done :-D The non xbox ones might take a bit until I can get a hold of the games but I will work on it. If that's the one where the covenant just keep coming at you then you could always set a time limit and a difficulty setting or something
  14. Mine is obviously cause of my GoT obsession haha. I think they are the most interesting characters in the books and dragons are always cool :-P Also it would be pretty cool to have that as an actual surname
  15. Hi all. Me and some others have set up a YouTube channel where we will be posting some gaming related videos. What we are looking for is for people to set us some challenges that we will attempt, record and upload to the channel regardless of if we actually complete the challenge or not! The more difficult or out there the challenge the better! It can be anything you can think of! For example play a whole match of Halo BTB using only a pistol, fight a dragon in Skyrim using only fists and no weapons or magic, attempt a mission or level of a game on the hardest difficulty setting or finish a level within a certain amount of time! You could also challenge us to a 1v1 multiplayer match of something or challenge us to a beat em up but to make it harder our characters will be random. Anything you can think of just post it here and I will do my best to make it sure it happens We aim to upload a video at least once a week! But the more challenges there is to get through the more we will upload and get out there. Anyone who issues a challenge will also get a mention at the start of the video as having set our challenge and what it is. This can be accompanied by their profile picture you have on here or a different profile pic if that's what you want. A forfeit for not completing a challenge has not been set yet but we will think of something. Suggestions for that are welcome to but nothing to over the top
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