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  1. yea that could be it trying turning off your xbox and stuff then turn it back on and start the game back up again see if that helps
  2. I know i was like B**CH wtf i just came and saved you all and your concerned abt my height, dont care mcuh for her but CORTANA WHY, WHY DID YOU TOUCH ALL OUR LIVES AND LEAVE YYYYYYYY :cray:
  3. If you can get back on the 343 forums now try to find someone to talk to abt the issues if u are suspened again then try contacting xbox support see if they can give u some assitance on how to resovle this. Seeing as how post thing on a forum though i can see a reason u might have gotten banned you seem like the kind of person who likes to trash talk and get angry when they are not the best person in the game. Try chilling out some and realise its just a game its ment for fun not to take it so serious and you might not have similar promblems in the future.
  4. Its happen to me quite a few times as well id say just wait a couple days then see if its fixed if not then contact 343 see if mayb there was something against you or whther your profile has been glitched
  5. @Ledgend122 My day is fine except i cant play a decent game of BTB without glitching into a wall for half the match. @Halo5willbecool I want to be as active as possible can i get some advice on how to add to my post count so i can add a SIG to my profile and also take part in the chatbox??
  6. How are you doing this fine day Sir?
  7. Thank you so much for making this generator, this is so high quality and must of taken you some time and we really appreciate all the work TY TY TY Also this is mine not as good as everyone elses lol
  8. Hi I'm new here looking for a place to meet ppl who love halo like me, I prefer it to any COD games, if you want to get to know me go head and message me if u want ^^ hope to be hanging out here alot
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