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  1. sure guy I am entertained by the how much thought and anger you gave me for stating my opionon on the situation i guess because you the "forums tech guru" then your completely right No wonder halo is currently so popular and so many players are online..... lmao guy your pretty cute sir. It's nice to know a title on a forum can make someone so cocky.
  2. legit claim? ok guy.. lmao... i could make paragraph's why this game plays to so much randomness and why the skill gap is to thin but i've said it for so many times saying it on a forum really wont do much but waste my time.. Ok Lets do it your way and continue to mimic other game features and go away from being orginal i guess your idea can be the franchise killer I've left halo with 9/10 of the population already guy just trying to make the franchise popular again.
  3. ahhh. i don't watch much halo anymore but grats to.. lx axe xl 200k is alot.
  4. well they tried the change way and clearly it failed only selling well because of it's name. Cod gets over 200k online always tho... If it anit broken don't fix it Halo was the game that was always different from every fps out to date thats why everyone Loved it so much. Now its basicaly the same dumbdown gameplay as the rest which completely turned off 9/10 of the people who purchased it. Cod class system is the same as halo's you get perks killstreaks and such. When i used to play halo all i and everyone in lobbies i played with said it felt like a more frustrating version of cod, The game needs a skill gap it needs to get rid of all the randomness this is not a cod game and break back the old school arena shooter. I beleive they wont do this tho considering 343 is running everything we will see it is very sad to see everyones favorite franchise die because it decided to mimic other games and stray from being its own game. I'd probably play halo 3 all day everyday if servers were fixed It is still a great game aside from the hackers and such.
  5. whaaaat loudouts are common now? wow.... *facepalm* anyways they just need to remake halo 3 thats the only way to save this franchise. If anything make all that luck based random stuff in social and give rank old school how everyone expected halo to be.
  6. Yeah i forgot halo 4 matchmaking system is horrible and has rank with social so calling out would make chatting during game impossible, well does it atleast happen before and after game lobbys? or is it still 100 percent queit lobbys where no one has mics? Yeah i remenber ffa having it and it was ok but with teams it wasn't
  7. So recently me and my friends have been bored of dominating on mw3 theres no one to conversate with and troll with it seems. I was wondering if halo 4 has changed it and made it able to talk to the other team before after games, and during games. this is probably the 1 true game breaking feature for me and my friends because we enjoy the social experience of being insulted then winning and listening to people whine. I hope if it hasn't been changed it will be added back into halo 5 because with no social expeience then like i've said i'll feel like i'm fighting bots.
  8. this has happened with all 4 of my halo 3 copies. the last time i Somehow got it installed on my hardrive and it read it much better i would try to install it on your harddrive then see if it works.
  9. sweet. I will be buying the wii just for the next super smash brother only because they are bringing megaman
  10. this is a main reason why halo 4 is almost dead. If you dont like the number no reason to whine about it. a simple fix would clearly be ranked and nonranked it's that simple and caters to every group not just the casuals which is how the game currently caters to. Maybe halo 5. my issue with going to a website was that i had to exit out of halo 4 just to go view it which is totaly ignorant on the company's part i have to waste 5-10minutes loading up the app checking if i went up or not then exit out of that get back into halo 4 and play it again.. what if i don't have enough room to download the app? what if i don't own a pc laptop ect.... these issues....
  11. halo 3 i played probably more then 60 hours a week in the games prime.. halo 4 came out was a soild 5-6 hours a week now i haven't touched it in 5-7 months sadly.
  12. can you please put the name of the game above the Screenshot XD. i really dislike ps4 line up it's the only thing holding me back from being forsure about which system i want xbox seems to have a better starter line up.
  13. yeah i think at this point anything more then 10 bucks a month to me is not worth it considering where all the mmo's are at currently.
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