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  1. of course with console games comes the neccesity for a console-worthy graphics card. even if this were true (i'm kind of hoping it is) most people with normal desktop PC's or laptops probably wont get the same experience as if they just played it on the 360.
  2. well, perhaps the two are related. it could be that a group of forerunners isolated themselves for so long that they eveolved into an entirely different species. this happens here on earth too.
  3. Thumbstick - default Button Layout - default Look Sensitivity - 6 Invert - No Vibration - Yes
  4. an empty space with toggleable backgrounds as well as something like forge world.
  5. *raging because he sold his copy because of the lack of DLC*
  6. which time zone are you talking about? that matters, you know.
  7. The two simply should not be compared, simple as that.
  8. definitely the library because of how Guilty Spark pretty much ignores you the whole time, chatting away as if there WERENT a billion freaking flood coming out the vents. i LOL'd so hard!
  9. when you send an email to a custom gun store asking for a working DMR
  10. you write fanfiction about it. (sad but true) its right here: http://explosivelamp.deviantart.com/#/d4ddj5r
  11. the kinect is going to go the same way as the Wii, amazing and "innovative" at first, and then it dies from microsoft pushing it too hard
  12. skull name: naked effect: no HUD, no shields, and you die if you are hit anywhere
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