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  1. Please, Please Please... Please, Please, Please Marty Please... Please.. Please Marty Please, Please? Please. Please! Please Marty.. OH GOD! Comeback Marty Please.. Come on, Please Marty Please. No other words can come out of mouth right now.. I can't even Can't even Even
  2. What a warming story! And oddly makes me want to play Halo, well maybe it's not odd. Congratulations!
  3. I would 4 shot him with my BR of course. What if.... You were given a choice to either lose your sense of smell, OR your sense of taste?
  4. Got it! Binary > Hex > Base64 > Rot13 > Latin > English "Optimum est pati quod emendare non possis." ^Which is Latin for^ "It is best to endure what you can not change."
  5. Team: "It's All Over" 343i: Bob GT: Bob McCack 343i: GermanShepherdD GT: GermanShepherdD Now it's all over...
  6. unless she has gone rampant... This is getting a little freaky.
  7. Bob

    Twam vs Frankie

  8. Bob

    Twam vs Frankie

    Twam is the heavyweight champion. Frankie doesn't stand a chance In a fist fight: Twam > Frankie In a 1v1 H2, H3, Reach, H4: Twam > Frankie
  9. What are the steps you used to decode it?
  10. This looks very familiar. 343ibot is an AI so that means she learns, in time, so I doubt you'll be able to decode it in the same way. I'm gonna leave this one up to you guys to figure out what that means. But judging from the last message she gave us it's got to say something. If this is a real conspiracy thread then we need to crack this damn message! Good luck guys! ~Bob
  11. They need to take a hard look at Halo 1, 2 and 3. I'm gonna need some details about what they have changed in the multiplayer since Halo 4 before I make a move.
  12. I over-did-it last year. So I'm taking this year off lol Happy new year guys!
  13. I don't think you people realize how much it takes to summon me from the celestial world. uhhh, Yang Xiao Long
  14. Nope!.. wait, aww crap Ranger447
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