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  1. "Jeez, I'm out of it for a little while, and everybody gets delusions of grandeur!" For real though, Congratulations champ. Very well-earned.
  2. Congrats Fizz! It's an honor to have you join the list of dedicated members. Well deserved m8.
  3. I for one am really glad this change has been brought about. We've had some incredible members here, and not all of them have been staff. I think it's great that we now have a genuine way we can honor our top-quality posters. Great change.
  4. Congratulations on becoming part of the team to both of you! I can't wait to see the contributions each of you will make from your new positions. News and Events, two areas to keep the site alive. I'm sure both of you will provide us with excellent content from your respective fields in the coming weeks.
  5. Congratulations on MoM FD! You're the
  6. Congrats H5F! A very good choice for MoM, well-deserved for a long time. Enjoy your month in pink buddy!
  7. When I first joined the Halo community and signed up here at 343i.org, I did so with no thoughts of a lasting membership. I was looking for short-term help in operating Halo: Reach's File Share, but I ended up staying longer than I ever expected. Honestly, I fell in love with the community here and determined in myself that I would do my best to give back to the Community I had come to enjoy so thoroughly. Eventually I was offered a position on the staff as a Newsgroup writer- a position I was far from familiar with, having only posted a few articles prior to joining the team alongside Adam91 and Cooliest. While I didn't particularly enjoy the brutal task of searching for the latest news and typing it up, I did enjoy being part of what keeps the community active and closely knit. As the summer of 2014 rolled in, I knew that I would be partaking in a variety of endeavors that would keep me away from the gaming community and my laptop for a good chunk of the summer. I didn't want to occupy a staff postion that I wouldn't utilize and was instead moved to Communications to run the Community's Twitter. Upon returning I was offered the chance to join the ranks of one of the most demanding positions in the community; one requiring mature discernment and responsibility. I accepted and in August of 2014 I became a Community Moderator. I do so enjoy being a part of this community. I've had the opportunity to work on incredible projects with some of the most prominent members of this site, and I've been befriended by so very many of you. I've never experienced a community that has what this Forum has in terms of leadership, all the way down to new members that are already doing things to help the community. To receiving my first friendly PM from Victory Element, To spending hours chatting with Azaxx, To laughing with AD and Spades on Friday night, To running for President alongside Mayh3m (Tony Stark; SilverCenturion; whatever he's calling himself this week) and then later winning it alongisde Vitamin PWN, To that trading card game we set out to work on when Bnus first joined, (Even though I kept forgetting to check the skype chat :T) To that 2014 Fresh Start that would've never happened had Osi not been persistent in getting my attention, To the listening of Sparky's bedtime story (and the losing of its bookform and the burningdown of the house D:) To the laughing with Cooliest as Osi shot the rocket launcher in fornt of the wharthog, (That was the best campaign run ever.) To the tutilage of Halo and Moderating under Mayh3m, (Even though I showed you a thing or two when we took it to Madden ;D) To the PM subfolders that never were, (Red.wai ;- To the Truth or Dare game that left me sore from laughter, To the many time I managed to give Red a mini-stroke, (I'm so glad you survived) To Austin, and his love of beanies (and Taylor Swift) To Zelda and Hippie for putting up with my jokes, To Halo5Follower's friendship and cat, To debating Dircector, losing, and trying again anyways, To Danny's good luck that never was, To each and everyone of the members that made coming here everyday special, Thank You. I have so many memories with so many of you, but I only have so much time to dedicate. I love being a member of this Forum- that will never change. I write all of this to say, my life is changing. I've moved once in the past few months, and will be moving again within the coming months. I'm nearing the end of high school and preparing for college. I will be facing a lot of firsts, but no matter how much my life changes, one thing will remain the same- I love this Forum. I'll always remember the members here. Thanks for the memories. -BZ1
  8. Staff Response To original thread reviver: Please do not revive old/dead threads. Topic locked.
  9. I withdraw from the election in support of this man. VOTE TONY STARK USF PRESIDENT 2015
  10. Just to note, I am also eligible for nomination since I became President before I was staff.
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