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  1. I remember 343 was going to implement a medal for teabaging haha.
  2. Here is the 4th episode of GFRB'd. Another close clutch game! and with Ryan Hardwood commentating action! LOL. This game never gets old. Got to love close games like this get me so excited lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ceGGXRhOBU
  3. Montage video of me and my friends this Roxio game capture is not bad still learning how to you it still enjoy!
  4. I have done that already but I always go back to 4......
  5. lol yup yup just go outside. I wanted to know if there were other people having problem.
  6. I never got the start to finish blackscreen. I get the random ones alot and sometimes I go black screen when winning then come back off blackscreen and lost the lead... or im dead or get kicked out....or stay in respawn screen. just wanted to know if anyone else is having problems like this or its just me.
  7. Today I just played 6 games on doubles and all of them I was put into blackscreen so I just turned it off..... is the 343 servers that bad or people just cheating? because there no way my internet is bad. This is my internet speed check it on speedtest.net
  8. I fell that nothing has changed at all.... I have a feeling they just left halo 4 already like no one is working on it anymore or just a small team is working on it to fix little bugs and what not. the rest is all working on halo 5 maybe they might show a teaser at E3.
  9. AGL is always in the east coast they need to come to west coast.......T_________________________T just curious how far I would get in a big tournament like that!
  10. is this been updated already? im playing to day and people are killing me in 4 shots with BR?
  11. ya my partner was so excited when i told him that he can be the narrator for the video. LOL next one he said he will do a different voice. My hands were like shaking when this game was done so excited! wish I could join a tournament though too bad MLG gone.....
  12. thanks guys! I was so surprised about that glitch spot. I wonder if its still there since there was a new update?
  13. Still can't believe we won this game. The other team found a glitch spot on monolith....
  14. Why perfection is now a commendation not a medal?!?!? come on 343.....
  15. I went 15 kills without a death today. I was so excited when I got that 15 before the game ended. Then when the game ends I did not hear the guy say perfection and there is no medal!? what the deal and I checked it is now a commendation...... why 343? does anyone know the reason why its a commendation not a medal? getting a perfection does not feel as satisfying as if you were to hear the perfection and see the medal
  16. Just finished season 1 of spartan ops. and no cortana it was the wife of the didect. hmm since requiem went to that sun solar system she might be gone. I was thinking if requiem was still intact she would have saved a data of herself or something there and they somehow get it on halo 5 and revive cortana. Guess will just have to wait for the next new xbox to come out. That is the only way I will buy the next xbox if there is halo 5.
  17. thats what i was thinking maybe before the diadect ship exploded she somehow did something last minute and saved herself somehow. if you think about it she is just a program/data like today you can just copy that and paste onto something else. well time will tell whats going to happen. But I believe she is not dead. I cant imagine halo 5 starting and master chief has a different AI ;
  18. Thx guys I tried so many times to get that screenshot lol. Maybe she turned herself into a promethean AI. she said the last time she see master chief " Most of me is down there" but im getting into the what if and buts. will just have to wait what 343 does with the story. I just cant accept that she is gone. im actually excited to see the next episode of spartan ops. there was also another thing that was buging me on episode 8 it keeps hinting on cortana. ( maybe im thinking too much about this.... ) first of all its the color is blue and isn't prometheans color is like yellow orange color. I forgot this elites name and says " A vain attempt to deceive me" but halsey said it wasnt glassman that did it. it was the structure or whatever it is was doing it. Then halsey just typed in some code or something ( from what I remember she created cortana ) and BOOOM open HAHA. I wonder why she just with no hesitation jumped in that beam of light???? this is why I cant wait for next episode of spartan ops or when ever it ends. I hope 343 will give us a hint of either halo 5 or a new version Promethean/USNC Cortana.
  19. awwwwww maybe I was just too excited I didnt know it was a composed human turned into an AI.....
  20. I just finished legendary solo today and I watched the videos of spartan ops. Episode 5 was the most interesting. I think cortana is still alive. first halsey mentioned that its the similar to an AI and roland said it looked familiar. ( im guessing roland the infinity AI would know since he is one. ) and remember at this time halsey didnt know chief and cortana was still alive. second it showed memories of what just happend 6 months ago!! when she was still alive!!. am I getting somewhere here. and third is this! I dont know if im the only one that noticed this but look carefully. is that cortana? sorry for my paint I really dont know how to work this... I just wanted people to know this if it wasnt already mentioned. What you guys think? I hope im going somewhere with this lol if you guys want to see it just re watch spartan ops episode 5. Right after halsey stares at it it explodes and notice the outline of the explosion.
  21. 343 great job on halo 4 I really enjoyed and loved what you guys created! now im just excited for the CSR when it launches sometime next year. My suggestion to you guys is that to get the attention of all competitive HALO players is to somehow connect the ranking system to MLG so the whole world will know who the best player is. Maybe every month or season like in reach ( I reallly liked that Idea of seasons ) the players that reached level 50 or the max are qualifed to enter a tournament online and the winners will have a chance to compete in MLG live !!! I think that would be amazing! just throwing out ideas lol
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