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  1. i suggest you wait 2 more months till H4 is out. I have been waiting since the release of this piece of S@#$ game. glade elites are gone in H4 hit box's were terrible in H3.
  2. Elites are a pain to kill in Halo 3. Eat shots and never die. Why do you think people always picked elites in swat. I'm glade they removed them.
  3. Are you happy to know that the 1-50 ranking system is back? How do you feel about it? what do you think about the Prestiging? CAUSE I AMMMMMMMM! Still HATE REACH!
  4. LoL 7 A.m. is way to early for me to play Halo. XD Theres always next time. Rather be playing in afternoon.
  5. Okay! Did you see there video! Timed rockets hard LoL! question was more about there game rather then ours.
  6. Gazzy Mill Mill vs CrankiestSeeker This match was so funny! Crankiestseeker rage quiting! but i understsand him LoL Gazzy you horded mad hard with those weapons. IDR you getting any DMR kills LoL. My game was laggy was funny watching it over and seeing me glitch across the screen. I'm pritty sure 1 vs 1 maps are not supposed to have rockets but O-WELL. GG AAN2 Director whats your input on rockets for this video?
  7. where is everyone im waiting for the 7pm match
  8. working my way up in the ranking system keep the post coming LoL
  9. Apperantly he does! LoL UPS guys I don't know how to explain this but there is a portion of gamers that only care for competitive gameplay! A ranking system is all they care for since Halo is like one of the only games for Xbox that has a ranking system. And I understand him, But I will hoping for the best and hopefully they surprise our community
  10. omg i remeber when i used to play that years ago on the ps2 slim XD
  11. All is in good faith with 343! IDK if it's true or not but people are saying there will be 2 different ranking sytems. one for war games and then the second one will be and overall one like reach. But they seem to be keeping it a secret so just going to hold off till then. G night!
  12. I don't mind changes cause I can always adapt to them and deal with it. They can implement all the new features (forge, Spartan ops, new campaign story, armor customization, etc..) to attract as much players as they want. That makes me happy. But the only thing please don’t change or take out is the ranking system. Even the community is thinking of a good legit ranking system for 343 to use if they don't feel like putting time into thinking about a great system. I don't think everything doesn't matter! I glad they are putting all these new features and expanding the games potential, just don't neglect the competitive aspect of the game. Sorry for investing time on something I feel strongly about. Truth is that this single element has been ruined, neglected or whatever you want to call it! Thank you for making this thread and everyone who has taken part in it!
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