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  1. I've almost dropped a tear. I remember my first time playing Halo, it was like a fresh air breathe in the whole world of gaming.
  2. This picture is really touching https://imgur.com/tmhrmUF Sorry, can't post pics
  3. Sorry Guys for not gaming thread, but this is important. The great Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics left this world and on his way to a better one . We will remember you as a hero who brings us a whole new wonderful and exciting world of Marvel. You're the real superhero. Rest in peace Excelsior!
  4. magallaher


    You should try. At least, play for a couple of hours. It is worth.
  5. magallaher


    ​I think all that small staff is like just making you feeling the overall gaming atmosphere better.
  6. magallaher


    Hi, gamers! Have someone played Red Dead Redemption 2 already? How's your general impression about it? I myself played like for an hour or so at my friend's and, well, it's awesome. I am even thinking about buying a PS4 just for this game
  7. Hey everyone! I am Mark. I love to play games. Most of all I like Halo and on PC it is CS:GO. Also, I love to play football and to travel.
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