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  1. So Halo isn't doing well then, I take it? Huh. Sounds familiar. Have you not seen Destiny? Right now Destiny 2 is less than what Destiny 1 was at it's 3rd year. It's pitiful.
  2. You sir, have certainly caught my attention.
  3. You scare me... Lol Congrats, Director. :-)
  4. Ghosts.... Would love another. Only one I liked.
  5. Awe Zebra, I am so sorry to see you go. But as always, life does tend to take us to new directions. I wish you the best of luck at your graduations and the beginning of a new chapter. I do hope to see you on here from time to time. And maybe sometime we will crash into one another again. With much luck to you, Zelda
  6. That's like checking your boat for leaks with a garden hose. Then wondering why your boat sank when you put it in the lake. Developers time and time again always admit that their community finds more bugs than they do. That's because the community is bigger than their developers teams. And it sounds like 343 is split in a bunch of different sections doing different things for later updates. There's no way their gonna find all the bugs. Not if they are not united. They need to focus on one thing at a time, rather than multiple things.
  7. Azy, off topic, but I added you on Xbox One.
  8. Anyone notice how the back of the helmet in the picture of the main guy, looks rather similar to either an ODST helmet or Master Chief helmet? At the least thats what it looks to me. Sorry to be off topic.
  9. Haha. I was thinking a grasshopper or something. lol Plus, I think I would hate to be the people in that vehicle when it bounces up and down. lol
  10. I love it when you do Rule Updates, Director. Its pretty amusing to read. lol
  11. US Military Seeks Equivalent to Halo Warthog in Near Future The video below shows a concept of what the US military is hoping to accomplish when it comes to light military vehicles. This is one that resembles the UNSC Warthog in terms of agility and speed. Upon being able to move fast and turn sharply however, the GXV-T seems to have several other features such as being able to dodge fire by rapidly releasing its suspension. Check out the video and leave your comments. Do you think this is possible? Source: The Verge Also, thanks to Drizzy_Dan for the help with the re-wording of the article.
  12. They seem to get smarter and smarter every year, it seems. But I will keep an eye out if I notice anything.
  13. Congratulations, all of you! (I just literally woke up, so I am kinda at a loss for words at the moment due to being still sleepy. )
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