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  1. Forum Name: Gazzy Mill Mill Gamertag: Gazzy Mill Mill Time: 2pm onwards GMT Availability: Every day
  2. Gazzy Mill Mill vs Last Rank Gazzy Mill Mill 20 Kills Last Rank 2 kills gg
  3. Final Week Match: Real Talk vs Gazzy Mill Mill Score: Real Talk: 80 Gazzy Mill Mill: 200 Winner: Gazzy Mill Mill Feedback: Real Talk is a very good player, if it wasnt for my host, the game would have been much much closer.
  4. I will add you. but im from the uk so there maybe connection issues
  5. Ive never seen a FFA Playdate in the forum A playdate where people can go down in order choosing their own gamemodes, map, settings may be cool as everyone gets what they want Also, a USA v Europe playdate maybe quite cool!!
  6. Week 4 Match (24/02/2013) Gazzy Mill Mill (GT: Gazzy Mill Mill) vs Drizzy_Dan (GT: LL KooL D) Map Chosen: Entity Gazzy Mill Mill - 20 Kills, 8 Deaths LL KooL D - 8 Kills, 20 Deaths Games saved in my fileshare Feedback: Best opponent yet, very solid dmr, thankyou for being so polite and sportsman, shouldnt be so fatalistic haha but still gg Thanks
  7. Week 4 Match (24/02/2013) Gazzy Mill Mill (GT: Gazzy Mill Mill) vs Neurotic Kasper (GT: Neurotic Kasper) Map Chosen: Entity Gazzy Mill Mill - 20 Kills, 0 Deaths Neurotic Kasper - 0 Kills, 20 Deaths Games saved in my fileshare Feedback: We tried all the other maps, and though entity was the best for cover with instant respawn, had a sniper and also was the best layout overall. Was a decent 1v1, kasper wasnt there for like 5-6 of my kills at the end, but GG anyway. Avery good opponent non the less Good luck to everyone else
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUDjRZ30SNo Welcome back to the forum, we always laugh about this video haha, felt it was necessary to post this. Hopefully soon you will be able to join in with playdates, contests and events over xbl. <3
  9. So excited for the new xbox, looks fantastic and i can't wait to see it at E3!
  10. they won't let you if you want money out of it, its Microsoft, they want all the money for anything made off of their products.
  11. I'd love to contribute to this. GT: Gazzy Mill Mill
  12. Not yet! but im sure by the end of my halo 4 time i will be tbagging everyone with my amazing mantis
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