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  1. Blood Gulch wasn't in Halo 3. And before anyone says it, Valhalla wasn't a remake of it and spiritual successors don't count as remakes. People shouldn't worry about 343 being able to make quality remakes if they do decide to do them, as was shown with the anniversary maps they did. Your post makes it sound a little vague as to who you're blaming for the good/bad remakes in Halo 3, but that was entirely Bungie dropping the ball with Blackout and redeeming themselves with Heretic.
  2. This is all personal opinion and I'm not entirely expecting a response since I doubt you visit this topic at all now but how do you feel MLG has progressed Halo-wise since you got into it in 09? I only ask this because I got into MLG in probably 05 or 06 and feel that Halo 3 was a slow, painful decline for Halo MLG fans. Back in Halo 2 you had events to watch practically every month, higher levels of play each and every tournament (mainly due to glitches), and solid, diverse maps/gametypes (assault, slayer, ctf, oddball, koth, beaver creek, midship, ivory tower, lockout, wizard,...maybe more that escapes my mind at the moment). It got more intense to watch with every passing event due to teams getting closer and closer to topping stk/3d/fb, and eventually doing so in late 06. Even on the same maps/gametypes that were played on the circuit from the beginning teams were still coming up with new strategies (some actually working) heading into the last season. With Halo 2's run on the ciruit all culminating into a perfect performance by final boss to close it all out by not dropping a single game at the national championships, without a coach even! Then came Halo 3... While it was fun to see how things unfolded for the first season, it was never truly fun to watch after that (arguably it wasn't very fun to watch during the first season anyway). The maps were an obvious decline in quality, and were bigger than what was typically used before (not MLG's fault, there simply weren't many good small to mid sized maps, let alone arena ones). The gameplay was slower. Fewer events every year. Fewer gametypes. There were "top" teams but nobody was willing to stick together for more than one event unless they got first or second. It was hard to root for a player as they were jumping around, let alone a whole team since rosters were changing left and right. Yeah roster changes happened in Halo 2 but they didn't seem to be nearly as often as they were in Halo 3. I'm just wondering if you found it truly exciting like how I viewed it back in Halo 2. Or have you ever gone back and watched vod's of older events to see how it was different? And I may as well add it to finish off my rant of Halo's decline in MLG, Reach. Even more frustrating to watch at first due to sprint and bloom. Battles were coming down to who would get more unlucky with bloom rather than who was the better player. Even fewer gametypes than Halo 3 (literally was just slayer and ctf for a few events if I remember right). Teams switching up every event again, the only team roster I can think of that was truly consistent during Halo 3 and into reach was sq. The map quality was probably improved slightly over Halo 3, but not necessarily in the maps they needed and were forced to run mostly forge made maps (which nobody likes to look at playing all day or to watch on stream). MLG was losing halo fans and stream viewers every event because Reach was unbearable to watch and play no matter what their settings and maps were. Then game the glorious 343 no bloom gametypes and MLG made the redeeming NBNS settings which were actually both fun to watch AND play. Sadly, if I remember correctly, these settings were only used for what could be the last Reach event despite an incredible strong showing.
  3. For roles I would stress that it is important that everyone on your team should be able to do everything if needed. An "objective" person shouldn't pass up a sniper or never bother using because they aren't the "slayer," they should pick it up and use it until they can drop it for the best sniper on the team (or at least be able to defend it until that person can pick it up themself). Also, just because a person may take on a "slayer" type role shouldn't mean that they should never bother with objectives. I can't recall how many games I've been in where the opposing team is dead and the person closest to the objective doesn't try to move it or pick up a few seconds of time. It isn't uncommon for an entire team to go negative and yet still win objective games because they were more focused on the real way to win that gametype. I guess the main point I'm trying to make is all players knowing what to do in a given situation will make or break a team moreso than making sure you all have defined roles. Teamwork, obviously, is most important once you start working your way up the competitive ladder.
  4. I would actually recommend people starting out in rumble pit as their first matchmaking experience rather than team slayer. Being able to make your 1v1 (or against multiple people) skills solid without needing to rely on team help is a must.
  5. Has it been confirmed that there is a 4th grenade? Or is it just speculation?
  6. I imagine that if they do have ranked playlists then they wouldn't have it so people could join in progress.
  7. It's possible to make a system that could detect if some betrayals were accidental or not. First they would need a way of telling whether the damage you were taking was from a friend or foe, which they already have otherwise how would they detect a betrayal. Then the system would need to remember from what sources the damage came from, and based off that damage it could tell whether it was accidental, on purpose, or the player needs to be red flagged (2 red flag type betrayals would get the player auto booted). For instance, the player dies from a bunch of assualt rifle shots and a grenade is obviously on purpose. As is dieing from a turret and killing a stationary teammate with a plasma or power weapon. Dieing from one sniper shot would most likely be ruled accidental to avoid worry of accidentally getting booted because a teammate happened to walk in front of you. Red flag type ones would be along the lines of two grenades (bad grenades do happen), a grenade and a headshot, a rocket, etc. They could have been on purpose or it could be a "wrong place at the wrong time" situation. If it happens once then players are typically more careful afterwards so the chances of it happening again would hopefully be small. They could also make a system so people don't have to worry about a betrayal ruinning their stats or what they had going. If you betrayed then it doesn't actually show up as a death (far too many people care about k/d, but this would please them to an extent), your spree isn't ended, and you spawn with everything you had instead of dropping it.
  8. There are fewer maps that I would want remade combined from Halo 3 and Reach than I would rather have remade from either Halo 1 or 2. It would be exciting if they released the game with as few remakes as possible to see how well they can design maps themselves (already looking forward to what has been shown).
  9. Friendly fire needs to be in otherwise there is no consequence for bad grenades, or shooting rockets/throwing grenades into a fight. They just need to rework the boot system or make something in order to detect if it was a purposeful betrayal.
  10. Super Mario: 3, World, 64, Galaxy 1 & 2 Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Pokemon: all of them Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword Super Smash Bros: all of them but Melee especially Halo: all of them but my fondest memories are lans on the first Psychonauts Mirror's Edge Batman: Arkham Asylum and City Super Metroid and Prime trilogy Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind GTA: Vice City (by far my favorite of the series so far) Goldeneye Perfect Dark Banjo and Kazooie: 1 and 2 I'll stop because I'm sure my list will get far too long as I remember more games.
  11. Most likely BR, plasma pistol, and thruster pack. Along with the faster shield recharge thing and more ammo. I know there have been more packages discover but I can't remember them so I just chose from what is on the official site. Primary weapon choice really boils down to which of the three (br, carbine, dmr) gives me the best fighting chance in the most ranges right off the spawn though.
  12. The more ways to handle vehicles the better in my opinion. Could also be used strategically at choke points or on chasing enemies. It would be kind of cool if you hit someone with it then they were slowed for a little (like how you used to be after getting boarded), or if it had the potential to kill weak people in it either from draining effects or from an explosion/implosion when the grenade wears off.
  13. Why would an active grenade magically not explode because the person who threw it died....? Yeah it is annoying to die to grenades after the person died, but the only times I truly have a problem with it is whenever they somehow threw a grenade and yet not one frame of the animation of them doing so played. Besides, how else would you get from the grave kills if they made grenades not explode after death?
  14. Teabagging is one of the most pointless things to do in any game. On topic though, as someone has already said, instant respawn will be limited to infinity slayer and a few slayer varients.
  15. I was concerned when I first heard about it but not so much now. You can still pick them up from their regular spawns so it isn't like you can't resupply. Maybe 343 wanted people to actively search out grenades like any other weapon rather than just relying on picking them up from people you killed.
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