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  1. Patch 2.08 is now available to download for Dreams on PlayStation 4. The latest update for Media Molecule's creating and sharing platform adds some new characters and a couple of edit mode changes. The full patch notes detail the Welcome Garden Character Pack, which introduces two new playable characters, an NPC, and a few enemies. You can use each of these characters in your creations, and their aesthetic goes well with the previously released Welcome Garden Art Pack. The rest of the newly implemented changes are centred around Dreams' edit mode. There's a new Blank Puppet designed for platforming gameplay, and you can now navigate the Dreamiverse using the directional buttons on your controller, as well as a few other improvements. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  2. With April Fools' Day finally here, many companies are participating in pranking their fanbases. Developer Ubisoft Montreal is doing the same with For Honor on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One--and the results are tiny but come with some pretty big laughs. All player-controlled characters on For Honor's battlefield have been shrunk to near-microscopic levels. The appearance change recalls Joe Johnston's 1989 comedy science fiction film Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, in which a dad reduces two families to a quarter of an inch in height and must get back to the lab to undo the experiment while fending off hazards, insects, and more. Check out For Honor: Mini Edition below, which is only available for April Fools' Day. In other For Honor news, Ubisoft introduced a crossover event with The Prince from the studio's long-dormant action-adventure series Prince of Persia. The limited-time event, The Blades of Persia, is available on all platforms until April 2. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  3. April has arrived, and Niantic is kicking off the month with a new event in Pokemon Go. The Tricky Pokemon event is underway for a limited time, and it introduces a new Gen 5 Pokemon to the game, as well as a couple of new Shiny forms. Until 10 PM local time on April 7, Pokemon that specialize in mimicry--such as Voltorb, Ditto, Sudowoodo, and Foongus--will appear in the wild more often than normal. You'll also have a chance of finding Shiny versions of Sudowoodo and Croagunk during the event. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  4. The first seasonal event in Switch's just-released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bunny Day, is now live. The game's take on Easter involves acquiring eggs hidden all around your island, acquiring new recipes, and crafting new furniture and decorations. Bunny Day is available as part of a free update released just prior to launch; simply make sure your game is up-to-date and you'll be able to dive in when you open the game. Zipper T. Bunny has appeared on the island and will be sticking around through April 12, which marks Bunny Day itself. Speaking with him will reward you with a DIY recipe and get you the basic details of what's going on during the event. You can acquire eggs in a variety of ways, including: Leaf egg -- trees Stone eggs -- rocks Water eggs -- fishing Sky eggs -- popping Bunny Day-colored balloons Earth eggs -- digging up fossil-style cracks Wood eggs -- hitting trees with an axe Recipes you obtain--which include the Bunny Day fence, stool, bed, and glowy garland--are crafted using eggs you catch. Zipper teases that if you're able to acquire every recipe and craft its corresponding item, he'll have a special gift for you. More recipes will be hidden during the event, so it sounds as if you won't be able to necessarily complete your collection on the first day. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  5. Family-friendly games filled with lots of laughs are ideal right about now as we practice social distancing. A new multiplayer physics game published by the prolific TinyBuild Games looks to provide just that. Totally Reliable Delivery Service released today on PS4, Xbox One Switch, PC, and mobile, and you can pick it up free of charge until April 8 at the Epic Games Store. Developed by We're Five Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service drops you and three friends--either locally or online--on a sandbox island. Your job is to deliver packages across the open world by any means necessary. Cartoonish visuals and a ragdoll physics engine ensure that Totally Reliable Delivery Service doesn't take itself too seriously--or seriously at all, really. Essentially, you're terrible at your job by design. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  6. In the last update for Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developer Infinity Ward is bringing back an intense spin on Gunfight, introducing a new variant to Cyber Attack, and having a little fun with April Fools' Day. Gunfight will see the return of a Snipers-Only 3v3 playlist, which is pretty self-explanatory. The regular 2v2 mode will add another play to each team and cycle through snipers only, making the cramped and quick matches a real test of precision. Cyber Attack is also getting a new spin with a Pro variant, which removes the need to revive teammates and automatically respawns them back into the game. This should give the mode a much more chaotic feel, as players can return to the action a lot faster than before. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  7. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing much of the world into self-isolation, being able to find affordable respite has rarely been a more pressing concern. Today we take a look at three recent indie games that deliver us relief, letting us escape to a better place and refocus on finding a connection with others. This is our second indie roundup for 2020. If you’re still on the lookout for more Neat Indie Games, go back and check out our takes on Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard, Kine and Superliminal. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  8. WWE 2K20 and some of the brand's most iconic wrestlers are coming together to entertain you during your coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. The WWE Dream Match Mania event will simulate matches between some of the biggest wrestlers in history, and it will have commentary from real WWE superstars to back it up. Airing April 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on WWE's platforms as well as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook, WWE Dream Match Mania will consist of six simulated matches. Roman Reigns vs. The Rock with commentary from Jimmy and Jey Uso Sasha Banks vs. Trish Stratus with commentary from Sasha Banks and Bayley John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan with commentary from R-Truth and Drake Maverick Seth Rollins vs. Rick Flair with commentary from Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole Charlotte Flair vs. Beth Phoenix with commentary from both wrestlers Goldberg vs. Big E with commentary from Big E and Kofi Kingston Alongside WWE Network and its own platforms, you'll be able to watch the event on UpUpDownDown's social media platforms. UpUpDownDown is the gaming channel run by Xavier Woods, otherwise known as WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  9. With E3 2020 canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some publishers are still planning to give digital presentations around the time that E3 would have taken place in June. Those plans now include one less publisher, as Bethesda has bowed out of its annual presentation. A statement from marketing VP Pete Hines, who often headlines Bethesda's E3 presentations, said the company is facing "many challenges" due to the pandemic, and as a result won't be hosting its digital showcase in June. It does note that the company will still be sharing its plans in the coming months--though it's unclear if this means a single large digital presentation will still be happening, or if the announcements will be split into individual ones. Bethesda's E3 presentations usually pack at least a few surprises, along with details about ongoing content for games like Elder Scrolls Online. We're not sure what the company planned to show at this year's event, though it has teased long-term projects like Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  10. Call of Duty Mobile imitates the style of its PC and console counterparts, right down to issuing regular content updates as a live game. The latest season is Steel Legion, introducing new game modes, a new map, and some fan-favorite characters. A limited-time 2v2 Showdown mode pits you and a partner against another squad of two with single elimination rules and random loadouts that change every two matches. The first pair to win six matches wins the round. If no one pulls that off, you go into an overtime capture-the-flag mode. The update reintroduces the 20v20 Battle Royale mode, but now you can play in first-person perspective. Battle Royale also adds two new weapons, the HS2126 shotgun and UL736 LMG. You'll also be able to unlock two characters from the Black Ops series, David "Section" Mason and the war robot Reaper. Those are each available through the Battle Pass, which also includes a new RC Shock killstreak. Finally, the update adds the Black Ops 2 map Meltdown. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  11. The NBA season has been indefinitely postponed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which was infected multiple players, but superstars are making the most of their time off with an NBA 2K20 charity tournament. Airing on ESPN on April 3, the NBA 2K Players Tournament features 16 NBA players competing in head-to-head brackets for the chance to be crowned champion. Participants include Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, DeMarcus Cousins, and Trae Young, and their seeds in the tournament were determined based on their player-ratings in the game itself. Players select eight teams to play with during the tournament and are allowed to use each only once. That means mastering multiple squads and not only passing the ball to your in-game counterpart. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  12. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the PlayStation Store is hosting a massive new sale, offering discounts on more than 600 PS4 games. The Spring Sale is live now and runs through April 28, with a refreshed lineup of games coming at the midway point on April 15. With everyone spending more time at home right now, the wide-ranging sale couldn't have come at a better time. So now's your chance to stock up on games you may have missed out on and reload your backlog. Since the sale just started, you may need to add games to your cart to see the discounts. Round one of the Spring Sale is filled with a boatload of AAA games, many of which released just last year. One of 2019's best games, A Plague Tale: Innocence, is down to $20, which is the cheapest price we've seen on PS4. Other recent hits receiving big discounts include Death Stranding for $30, Devil May Cry 5 for $19.59, Borderlands 3 for $30, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $36. You can also grab Control's Digital Deluxe Edition for its best price yet at $48. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the superb main campaign along with the season pass and other goods. Control's first expansion, The Foundation, released just last week, so it's an ideal time to grab this edition at a stellar price. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  13. Terraria, the 2D construction game that first released in 2011, has just hit a major sales milestone. According to the game's website, Terraria has now sold 30 million copies across PC, consoles, and mobile, with the majority of those sales being on PC. The game has sold 14 million units on PC, 7.6 on consoles, and 8.7 on mobile. The console number is lower despite the game having been made available on eight different systems since it launched--PS3, Xbox 360, Vita, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. Terraria hit 20 million sales back in February 2017, and has evidently continued to sell well since then. The game, which will receive a substantial Journey's End update soon, is currently discounted on Steam to celebrate its huge sales milestone. Until April 3, the game and its soundtrack are discounted by 50%, so you can see what has attracted 30 million prior customers. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  14. The official Rockstar Games Twitter account has announced that they will be donating 5% of all revenue from purchases made in GTA Online and Red Dead Online, the online modes for Grand Theft Auto V and Read Dead Redemption 2 respectively. The funds will be used to help local communities and businesses who have been affected by the impact of COVID-19. The donations will be contributed to these communities and businesses, as well as to organizations actively helping out those in need during this crisis. The Twitter post did not exactly who the funds will be donated to specifically, just referring to business, communities, and organizations in general. The post mentions North America, the UK, and India specifically, so there's a chance this will be the main focus on where the donations are sent. These are however where Rockstar's main offices are located. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  15. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is out now on PlayStation 4, but it's only the campaign that's received a visual upgrade. There is no multiplayer in the package. In a blog post, Activision said it decided against releasing Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer as a standalone pack and instead favored the idea of launching additional "classic map experiences" within Modern Warfare over time. "Rather than release a separate, multiplayer experience as a standalone pack, Activision and Infinity Ward are looking to bring more classic map experiences to new life within the Modern Warfare universe as it continues to grow and build over time," the publisher said. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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