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In Topic: What Other Games Do You Play Besides Halo

05 December 2018 - 12:55 AM

Speaking on just video games:



-Red Dead Redemption 2

-Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

-MTG Arena


In the last three months:


-Europa Universalis 4

-Total War: Warhammer

-Mario Party




In General:

- Age of Empires (Mainly 2 and 3, sometimes Mythology)

- LoL

- Paradox Plaza games (mainly EU4, CK2, and HoI4)

- Total War Games

- Minecraft

- Anything currently popular/new

- Games I enjoyed earlier and want to do a replay through (Stuff like childhood games, Skyrim, Fallout 3, etc)


Games I plan to play in the next few months (No particular order): 

-Finish my game of Shadow of War

-Darksiders 2 (replay)

-Darksiders 3

-Rainbow 6 Siege

-Smash: Ultimate



In Topic: SCANDAL: Community Moderator has ties to Russia

28 November 2018 - 12:14 AM

There are some irregularities in these documents, which I suspect are forged: 


First, the dates don't make any sense (see orange). The documents were published in September of 2017, yet contain information from this last month. How is that possible?


Second, the phone country code 38 (see green) is non-existent (https://countrycode.org/)


Third, the last text from "SikSlik" would suggest that Yoshi is also a Russian agent (See purple).


Yet again, my name is Sikslik7, not SikSlik7.


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In Topic: How Much of Your Early Childhood Do You Remember?

07 November 2018 - 02:42 AM

I remember events (somewhat hazily), from when I was almost 3. I remember my third birthday, and a few weeks later when there was a new addition to the family. After that, I remember certain events or various assorted memories. I was in Kindergarten when 9/11 happened, and I remember that day vividly. There are many memories I have of events, people, or places that would have happened before I was five (people died, places closed, etc).


The things that stick with me more than just random memories are "special events." I can place myself in the location and the rough time frame, not to mention who was there or why we were there. I find them similar to how most people can place themselves in vivid detail during the assassination of JFK, Challenger, etc. 

In Topic: RDR2

04 November 2018 - 11:32 PM

I played probably about 10 hours so far. I love the game. 


My only issue is just how many little things you have to do (like brushing your horse).


My issue so far in the game is along these lines. It's not that there is so many small details, but how the game doesn't feel the need to go over them for a while. Many elements of the game don't even open up until halfway through, and when they do it's a long tutorial sequence that explains the bare minimum. Honestly, giving us no tutorial and just a manual would be more helpful.

In Topic: What do you think about MCC now?

02 September 2018 - 07:54 PM

Played a few hours of it a few weeks ago with a friend. Worked out alright then. Was really playing well for the Insider program. I've yet to play it this month, but I plan to get some time in this next week.