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  1. to be honest if they don't improve the campaign and multiplayer (especially the campaign) then i'm just gonna stick with destiny 2
  2. only time will tell spartan, only time will tell. let us hope that halo 3 anniversary and halo 6 aren't completely terrible so that they can save our community and game franchise from breaking down any more than it already has and dying because of halo MCC plus halo 5 (p.s i really need to decide whether or not i should give up on this account since i barely go on here anymore because of being an admin again on a facebook page plus the stresses of college life -.-')
  3. but it's still one of their best armours ever made for halo
  4. i'd be really happy to see that put into halo 5, it'd make a change from most of the terrible looking armour like goblin or mato
  5. i wasn't hating on 343, i was just too hyped for memories of reach that it was frustrating to wait.......but wow, looks like you lot just couldn't wait to complain at me before you knew why i was like this
  6. i know that now, i was told by my friends that it would've been released sooner because they go on twitter and follow the halo twitter feed
  7. but we don't like diehard haters though so as long as people are respectful to an extent then yeah we're pretty laid back
  8. as much of us are feeling, the memories of reach update is taking forever to be released. normally this wouldn't be so bad since the updates were at the beginning of the month after the one it was supposed to be released in but...it has nearly been two weeks and over and it's still not out! what are they even doing? does anyone want to discuss this with me and tell me your opinions on the matter? also what are you mainly excited for in the update? what will you be doing with it? if you're planning on making special maps for infection, could you tell us more about it? technohollow99 over and out
  9. when the hell is it even getting released? it's already past the official release date so what's taking them so long?
  10. i didn't even get a warning and i was banned after one day still perma banned -.-'
  11. awesome^^ as a bit of creative criticism i'd suggest that you make a small panel to cover up the gap on the back of it and to thicken the brace frame but apart from that great work^^
  12. as much as people claim that the halo 2 battle rifle is exactly the same to the halo 5 one, the halo 2 br has a faster fire rate and two extra shots per pull of the trigger. so tell me; how is that a fair weapon to be permanent but the ce pistol nor basic shotgun isn't?
  13. the worst part is that there's no proper warning system and that they don't even follow the protocol they created to moderate the website, i was brand new to the website, without owning it for a day and i've been banned for nearly 5 months or more
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