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  1. NAME :OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE - SEMPER VIGILANS DESCRIPTION : Role playing forum renown formally as ONI or by ONI's motto Semper Vigilans, established in 2004 as group of intellectuals for the discussion of Halo's universe and dedicated fans writing guides through the Vidmaster Challenges. Now a clan to expand and create experiences through the narration of the Office of Naval Intelligence. With the organization of a top tier gaming community, we exceed in counter-intelligence and the basic practice of real world covert operations, with a ranking system based on measurable metrics and not favortism. Our theater of operations is your custom game. Will you be another spectator or the next actor? Below the surface, our mission is to bring the best out of our members, staff and pro players as gaming goes beyond joysticks and buttons. It's our escape, our passion, our mission as a community to be dedicated not only to the competitive success of our teams, but to our players' successes as human beings. We offer our network, catered to all gamers into Esports, Forging, Modding and Achievement Hunting. We seek to foster talent and build the best teams possible in these fields and more as a fully funding organization with sponsors internationally. CONTACT :https://semper-vigilans.org ESTABLISHED :2004 BRANCHES :NAVY, MARINE CORPS, ARMY, ODSTs, SPARTAN-IIs, SPARTAN-IIIs, SPARTAN-IVs OPERATIONS :TARGET PROFILES — RAIDS — TEAM TACTICAL — COINTEL/HUMINT DISCORD :https://discord.gg/ONI GAMES : • HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION • HALO WARS DEFINITIVE EDITION • HALO WARS 2 • HALO 5: GUARDIANS • HALO 5: FORGE • ARMA 3: OPERATION TREBUCHET • SINS OF THE PROPHET
  2. Hello 343 Industries, I have always heard about this forum but was in the juxtaposition of it being something kind of estranged being named after the studio with no affiliation to the studios. Anyway I now joined as I created my own community on similar forum software as of this post Invision @ https://semper-vigilans.org and hope to look for more inspiration and design direction from here / I'm Shawn, been playing Halo since forever, but online onward from Halo 3. My favorite Halo, is probably Halo 3 but I do enjoy every Halo and what its brought to enrich the franchise. I'm currently living in Tokyo where the Olympics is being held and somehow I still get 100 ping to US West (which is actually amazing considering the distance) I now play mainly on PC and keeping a lookout for another console. I'm excited for Infinite no matter what it is, I love the story more than anything and well yeah that's about it. Feel free to hit me up on any of my medias my gamer tag is Shawn4Japan and my discord is Shawn#2189
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