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Having the option to be a Marine and ODST and Seeing the flood

Armor game modes halo UNSC. Marines ODST Flood

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Posted 24 August 2017 - 08:10 AM

Hello fellow Installation 01 community I'm mason I have a very big request for this epic new game coming out.


First to start I'm a huge fan of halo I absolutely love it and care so much about it. I want to say thank you to the developers of Installation 01 for doing this and creating this game. i always really wanted to be a marine in halo not the epic spartans with shields etc. but a standard soldier of the UNSC or a ODST I would love to see this in the game because what not better than having many options to choose from from being a spartan a marine and a ODST. I do understand that matchmaking must be for spartans and stuff but like for like private matches and different game types can allow the Marines or ODST. This would also be a pretty good way to create like short movies and stuff and having like spartans be the heroes and stuff but any way I thought it would be cool hopefully we can see these and if this can happened make the variety of armor like from marines form Halo 1-5 and from halo wars 1-2 from the cutscenes.


Now I would to see a flood gameplay survival like kinda like firefight but will the flood and there endless horde and this fights right in with a marine and ODST if the get lets say get killed they get there dead body can get infected and be a flood mutation. 


Thank you guys and I hope the community can agree that this would be a neat stuff to have

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