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2v2v2v2 multi team for xbox one or X/S user

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Hello guys. So i downloaded the latest update for mcc season 7. Their is still no multi team for xbox users. I was severely/extremely/majorly disappointed. Also you can add disheartened. Like why not port to xbox one X/S. I mean it already exists on pc. Like where is the loyalty to  the OG fan base. I have been playing halo 3 since Jan 2008. The game was not even a year old. I have always played this game with a controller. Multi team was like the best social game type in that game too. All u needed was you and your buddy. I mean i had like over 800 900 experience in that game type. I was a Colonel grade 2. I have so many memories from this game type. It holds the spot in my heart for best game type ever on Halo 3 social playlists. I am  not wiling to convert to PC for one social game type. At 800 900 experience that means I played a minimum of that many matches just in the game type. I had like minimum 3 to 4 times the experience in that game type over every other social game. If you like multi team and you want it back for halo 3 hopefully reach too. Please give this posting a like retweet whatever you call it so hopefully 343 developers will see this and implement this change. I mean hopefully one of the developers see this.

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