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UNSC Warlord: An HTA Story

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Hello everyone, as most of you know. We over at HTA are working on making UNSC Warlord a Machinima. Well, I'm here today to let you all know that we are moving in a fast progress! We already have a few scripts wrote for the first few Episodes. And we have gone over them, just to make sure they follow as close to canon as all three of the books have!


Anyways, it's time to dive even deeper on where we're going with this.


So far, we have confirmed these characters will be making a return in this short film:







Runner &



A few of those names should at least ring a bell. As these were all created by well known forum members!


Ash = Ash

Dexter = Kakashi

Junior = Peanut

Moth = Moth

Archangel = Halo6 Follower

Runner = BATMAN

Sarge = Yoshi


With those out of the way first, we can move on to the next fun stuff!

Currently, this Machinima takes place after Book 1-3... Of course, if you read the ending of Book 3... It sorta makes sense, as well as angers some people. You can read that here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/42242-unsc-warlord-book-3-chapter-23/


This Machinima takes place during War of The Created, and quickly takes turn of events as our beloved ship Warlord interprets a message, saying that they're needed to send a small army along with a ship to deal with an Insurrectionist threat. Which is wear we find out about our new Villain: Tespan. Who replaces the well known previous antagonist: Lan Chorus. Tespan is unknown at first, but is quickly discovered to have two siblings. Agnes and Sisk. Both whom are a threat as well. Tespan's plans are unknown for the first bit, but as the team dives deeper; they find out the truth as to why they were sent on this mission and it's only a matter of time before time runs out.


During this Machinima, we will be having our own personal soundtrack of music we picked out as well as music we have played.




All of our music is licensed for use, which greatly helps with our process of making it happen.

As well as we have one of our following members, @ helping us with video editing and what not. Making sure this video gives you the full effect of what's going on. H6WBC has also mentioned to us about how he found a way to make some visor effects and what not for this Machinima. Which will be great, and soon revealed in time! 


Continuing on with this subject, we would also like to copy and pasta our latest announcement on the Machinima:



-We will be beginning around the middle of July. -We need about 10 voice actors for major roles and anything for side roles.

-There is 15 Episodes, 2 of them already have been wrote. The next three are currently be worked on.

-If anybody could help body act that would be amazing. Especially since we're planning on most episodes consisting 12+ players.

-Preferably at least one female voice actors for our one lead female role.


We also encourage anyone to get anyone to help. We have confidence in the Machinima,


 If anyone is interested, get a hold of me on here, Twitter, or via Xbox at "Fyshy Fishy"

Thank You!


~HTA Board~



Of course, we understand for those who do not wish too. It's highly understood. But the point of this is to inform you fellers back at home that care! We're pushing hard for this, and hoping it works out fantastically. We don't care about how bad a voice actor you are, as long as you can adjust the emotion in the voice for the part!


Continiuing on...


We will be publicly announcing recording sessions and such and what not. As well as throwing out a few more videos to tease users with as well as give insight on what to expect.


Thank you everyone for reading this,


~HTA Board: Drizzy_Dan, Yoshi1176, VinWarrior, Halo6WillBeCool, Fishy, Halo6 Follower, Adv Jones, HaruspexOfHell, Self Destruct, Sparky, and Ardent Prayer~



P.S. Here's some of our latest trailers









Join the HTA Discord!!!

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