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HTA's Summer No-Outside-Contact Event Year 2

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Starts: May

End: August 




HTA's Summer of No-Outside-Contact Events consists of us reaching out to users and getting them involved in their favorite games or games they just enjoy to play. Our list is currently consisted of just a few games we are considering, and some of them we have considered. Our list is not complete, but this is what it currently consists of so far:


7 Days 2 Die

Aegis Wing

Gears of War 4  (INSANE)

Halo 2                (LEGENDARY)

Halo 3                (LEGENDARY)

Halo 4                (LEGENDARY)

Halo: Reach       (LEGENDARY)

Left 4 Dead 2


*Green = Not Yet Started

*Yellow = Finished/Started


These are just a few things we have mind, however let me go over a few things first. These games are just the ones currently already planned. We are still considering more, and are open to options via the Community.


However, keep these few things in mind before you RSVP:



  • You will be on a live-stream, your actions are recorded and the community will see what you did.
  • Your voice will be included, this includes your reactions and what you say.


Now with that's that, let's get a few other things out there for the Community...


HTA is currently working on a Minecraft "Server", for the Xbox One. We will be open to the public for the Summer for everyone to join us!


Progress we've done so far: (Please note, this was all done in Survival none of it was done in Creative)


The land before we took over:
The Land After HTA Started to Build:


Well, now to wrap-up the topic, and to get BACK on topic... We are open to options for upcoming game streams and what-not. So if anyone has a suggestion they would be willing to help, we'll take your idea and consider. Just post below your game you'd like to see get featured and (If you want) featured with!


Thank you for your time!

    ~The HTA Team:


Drizzy (343iCF) 

Fishy (343iCF)

VinWarrior (Podtacular)

Adv Jones (Halo Archive)

SD (343iCF)

Ardent Prayer (343iCF)

BatedSuperior (343iCF)





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