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Halo 2 Co-op over Live freezes the game or gives a "connection lost" error

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Since the update to the Xbox One on January 11th Halo 2 will not load in co-op over live all the time.  Was able to load the game 1 time out of 25 attempts and the successful load disconnected within a few minutes.  Halo 1, 3, 4 are all fine.  


Called Xbox Support and they advised me the following steps with no success:

1) Remove my account from the Xbox
2) Power Down and unplug the xbox for 5 minutes along with my router and modem
3) Power up and re-add my account


Obviously this didn't work as it is not an account issue but a game issue.  Xbox Support then advised me that a few people have called in with issues with Halo 2 not working for co-op over Live and that we are to contact 343 Industries directly.


So here I am 343, I am contacting you the only way possible and asking if you can please fix Halo 2 as it appears to be something incompatible with the latest Xbox patch.  I have already confirmed with Xbox Support that my connection, ports, router, modem, and Xbox Settings are not to blame and it has been ruled an issue with your software.  


I am not mad by any means as I know that updates made by Microsoft directly often are not compatible with some software and causes issues.  


I have also contacted Frank O'Connor and your main Twitter handle @@halo through Twitter in hopes of a response.  


Thank's in advance for looking into this.



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Sorry brah, but we are not 343, we are a simple fan forum. HaloWayPoint.com is their official site. Even if you post there, there is 0% chance they will contact you directly or evwn respond to your posts.


In an unrelated issue just to showcase Microsoft, MGS and 343i's hatred and utter stupidity when it comes to ANYTHING Halo 2 related....... Halo 2 Vista has been offline for over 3 months now, and after constant posting and calls to support we still have 0 response to anything. We know what the peoblem is, we know how to fix it. Your problem is the same base problem we have. That problem is 343's complete refusal to properly support ANY pre 343 Industries content or work.


From one Halo 2 4-Ever guy to another....GOOD LUCK MATE!

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