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Maximilian Gttler

Forge Issues / Map not loading Halo 5

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Hey guys,


so i was building a map the whole day and it was pretty much finished. I have everything on the map but no weapons. thats all whats missed on it.

So now Iam trying to start the map again in forge and all what happens is that i'm stuck. I can't move bit i'am in the forger perspective. does anybody have the same issue  or what could it be? Same happens if a friend is trying to forge the map. But I can start the map in slayer and every other mode without any problems.


thanks for you're help.

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Hey, I just registered on this forum because I've got the exactly the same issue. My map i 99% finished, just need some polishing, respawns and testing.  my gamertag is Narnigo 117 and the map name is "meetings at craters moon".   Maximilian, did you have any change or improvement since the last time ? it's been 2 days now, and i would really like to share my map...

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