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UNSC Warlord Book 2 Chapter 9

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~Chapter 9: We need to go~






The sky was brighter than an American Independence Day. They have been on the defensive side for hours since their arrival back topside. A few soldiers remained, Marine’s and ODST’s laid all around the base. Dead.


“Michael, can you focus the tank on the approaching Wraith’s. There’s a count of four, we’re better off taking them down now before they reach the base.” Jackson was set on top of the building beside Dexter and Runner. He had the sniper, they had the long range rifles.


“I don’t think that would be wise as of right now. Whatever, I guess.” Michael aimed the cannon at the Wraith’s. He fired at each wraith, twice in fact, each of them were down before they were in fire range of the vicinity.

Frank engaged Banshee’s. Three of them came in from behind, fuel rods fired and dual cannons were blazed hot. One was down, it swirled into the trees below. Frank decided to turn on some music is the Hornet to celebrate his first kill. ‘I’m bringing sexy back’ the song started off. “Yeah!” Frank said along with the song. He fired missiles at the other two banshee’s, instant kill.


“Frank, focus. We have a lich incoming. I’m assuming they have at least sixty covenant on board, that’s too many for us to handle. Junior is downstairs preparing the warthog so we can head to an evac point. Warlord is right above us, but we have no support. Radio is down, their engaged in combat with the Covenant Cruisers. Archangel is repairing the base defense cannons, they’re offline. Once they’re online, we can radio in transport, which is linked with the cannons.” Jackson sniped an Elite Spec Ops. He reloaded as Runner shot down a team of jackal snipers.


“I’m on it.” Frank engaged the Lich. It powered up it’s EMP and was ready to knock out Caboose. “No you’re not.” Frank shot at the EMP cannon, the Lich’s shields flickered. “Come on.” The base cannons came online, they fired at the Lich. “Well, how convenient.” Frank took a sip of coffee he stole from Paladin, then fired the missiles at the Lich’s EMP cannon. It went offline. Frank engaged the onboard Elite crew.


“Archangel, you getting communications established? Michael, we have Locust walking towards us.” Jackson sniped an Elite off the turret of a Shadow. Dexter killed the driver.


“Yes sir. I have communications up and running. Already contacted UNSC Warlord. They’ll have an evac pelican in 2 clicks. ETA in 10 minutes. I’m going to go help Junior out.” Archangel left the operations room.


The base shook.

“What’s going on?” Bek asked. She finished with the fuel in the Warthog.


“Locust are engaging the base. Michael is taking out the last of them, it’ll be a few seconds. Hopefully the base doesn’t fall apart.” Jackson told everyone.


“Warthog’s ready.” Junior said to Jackson.


“Alright, Runner and Dexter, let’s get down their. Frank, land the hornet, let’s go.” Jackson ordered.


Frank landed the Hornet, he hopped out and ran down the stairs. He hopped on the back of the Warthog, gun ready.


“We’re ready Junior, let’s go.” Jackson got on the makeshift turret. Every boarded the passenger seats.

Junior slammed on the gas, full speed out of the base. Michael trailed behind in the Scorpion.




Heli walked up tunnel. He was finally back above ground, and ready to get out of here. As well as prove to Bek he wasn’t worthless. There was no one here, the base cannons were on. Strange. Those weren’t on before. He walked across the room and entered the operations room. The radio was on, maybe he could communicate and get ahold of them or something of the sort. He walked over to the radio.


“Hehe. It’s not even worth it anymore.” Someone said.


The bases power went offline. The radio went dead and the room was dark.


“Wh... Who’s there? Where are you?” Heli raised his weapon, ready to fire.


“Doesn’t matter anymore.” An energy sword lit up and ripped through Heli’s abdomen. An Elite was shown in the light of the sword.


“Ugh... Ugh...” Heli couldn’t talk.


“You’re friends will be next.” The Elite swung his sword, Heli slid off and flew across the room, his body dead on the floor.




~End of Chapter 9~

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