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I have another map for Halo 4! This time it's a tribute to that yellow round guy, Pac-Man! Pac Attack was modeled after the 1st level of the maze game. Now you can know how it feels to be pac man from a first person stand point! Initially I was going to make a custom gametype to go along with this map, but that fell by the wayside. Though I have the map set to be played with slayer, oddball, KOTH, CTF, and had plans to do domination, but I felt it would be a bit much.



Title: Pac Attack

Description: 1st level of pac-man

just a side note the image is a little out dated! The blue team's initial spawns were moved more North then where they in the picture due to balancing issues with objective matches.



As I stated with my previous map, this has not been fully tested! I don't expect to many issues because this is a much smaller map than Castle storm 3.0 and pretty simple setup. I do already know that one corner of the map, and I do mean very tip of the corner, is considered a soft kill zone(built into the level not by choice!)There is nothing I can do about that, short of moving the entire map over a few feet, which seems excessive for a small issue that I doubt will ever become a problem in game. Also so nobody freaks out when they play it the first time I had to remove the grids that are on top of the map to take the above picture. The grid gives it a more digital feel.


I only have one photo because its friggin pacman! There isn't much to show that most people don't already know/remember! I added some small blocks and debris for cover. Before I did it was just a maze with 4 giant sniper alleys, which would've made the matches a bit annoying. CQC will dominate here. Also where the "power pellets" would be are energy swords. Originally I was going to have custom power ups, like those in halo reach, but as soon as I realized we were denied those in Halo 4 I adjusted the map to have this instead, hopefully you all enjoy this new map! Remember the best way to download my maps/gametypes is to search for my gamertag>fileshare>download whatever you're looking for!



Two gametypes will be put onto my file share

1. Joust- a high speed, high flying FFA with shot guns, grenades and a lot of cursing from your friends!

2. Hide & Seek-Everyone has played this as a child! Now play it as a spartan, and flood! Use your knowledge of the various maps and their nooks and crannies to hide until your the last hider!


:welcome: I hope you all enjoy my maps and the upcoming gametypes! :welcome:

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O.K Just a heads up if anyone has downloaded this and the ordiances dropped right through the floor, its fixed now and if you want you can re download the map, or just go into forge, lift the ordiance drops a few feet up and set the physics from normal to fixed or phase. I have no clue as to why normal physics shots it through the floor but meh. Also I may be making a blank version for my new gametype Minotaur. Basically take out all the cover that is currently within the hallways and change ordiances to plasma pistal(part of the minotaur gametype requirements). Also for those wondering wtf minotaur gametype is, it is a larger version of my Hide & Seek gametype that uses a mantis(minotaur) that is invulnerable and seeks out the intruders to his maze! As the intruder you get 3 powers, cloak, pro vision, and halogram! Using your tools and your wits, and probably your plasma pistol in during those oh crap moments you have to survive for 10 minutes! Though the time may change depending on how people feel about the length of the matches.


Also I highly encourage others to make maze maps for this gametype, if you feel like doing so! :thumbsup:

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