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Possible stuff in Halo 5?

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So, I don't know if any of you noticed, but Halo 4 was resembling Halo: CE. Why? Simple:

-Only 4 Covenant species
-No playable Sangheili
-No dual-wielding

See? 343i made Halo 4 to feel somewhat like Halo CE. If 343i is planning on doing something like "making Halo 5 feel like Halo 2", they would include...

-More Covenant Species (not necessarily Brutes)
-PLAYABLE Sangheili

This would be something I'm expecting for Halo 5. Also, if you look back to Halo CE campaign and compare it to Halo 4's...

-Both have a "run"
-Halo CE: Warthog run
-Halo 4: Ghost run

-A new threat is introduced as the campaign progresses
-CE: The Flood
-4: Prometheans

-Master Chief wakes up inside a Cryo-tube

-You are often by yourself

-Sangheili look bulky, capable of snapping somebody's neck effortlessly

-In the end, Master Chief supposedly destroys a key object/character
-CE: Halo, Installation 04
-4: The Didact

-After this, MC is left alone in space
-CE: MC floats around space in a ship with only Cortana by his side, awaiting rescue
-4: MC floats around space without anything, without Cortana, but is eventually rescued by Infinity

What do you Brothers think?

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Never thought about it. I'd rather have a full H2 remake than a 'shadow' of the game, so to speak.

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