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Regicide csr wtf?


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ive been really frustrated with the way csr works in regicide. ive been stuck at 29. i place in the top 50 about 90 percent of the time and today i won three games in a row and it didnt bump me up one rank. also second and third(because they are top 50%0 should rank u up slowly but that doesnt happen either. it doesnt seem to take kd and kills per game into acount either cause even when i get second or third and 4th(very rare) i get the most or second most kills(usually).


but the most frustrating thing is whn i join in progress and the king has 50-100 points allready. in that situation if u get third or aboveit should help somewhat.


also i have a problem with the max bounty being 35 it rewards the losing players a little to much imo.


anyone else having frustrating experiences with this playlist?or have reason why it works the way it does?


my overall impression of the csr sytem is positve. its gonna be flawed but its hard to make a perfect measure of skill. i give props to 343 im just struggling a little cause my goal was 35.


tips, advice?




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