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Seriously? Can't Criticize in Forums?


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Okay, 343, seriously now.


I made a constructive, polite, completely non-trollish post criticizing something that I believe you need to address. This post was subsequently deleted without any contact or justification as to why.


Considering you've made it so absurdly difficult to communicate with the company, how is one to convey criticism? You've inherited a franchise that I've spent a decade playing. You did a great job with this game, but this is incredibly disheartening.


Now you're deleting criticism from the forums, which seems to be the only avenue for someone to contact you? Shame on you.



Give me a method to contact 343 outside of the forums and I'd gladly take it. Deleting polite, albeit somewhat negative criticism from the forums is completely unacceptable. I get it. They're your forums. But, it's insanely cowardly to delete a careful and thoughtful post without explaining why, or giving the poster a different method of communicating.



Disappointed and angry,



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It's not been deleted. As for 343 we are not the actual forum for them. However we have many clever members here who would be willing to give you some advice on the matter. :)







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