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GTA V PC Available for Pre-Load Next Week

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If you're eager to get your hands on GTA V for the PC, I have some good news for you for next week.


GTA V is finally coming for PC, after tons of delays and bumps in the road, PC gamers will at last have their copy to mod and do as they please. GameSpot.com is reporting that the game is on it's final legs and that next week, Rockstar will allow PC gamers to pre-load their copy of GTA V on the PC. They will be able to do this through either Rockstar Warehouse, their own store, or through Steam. The game will require a hefty monitor system and about 65 GB of free install space, so pre-loading isn't a bad idea. The PC version is mostly the same in terms of features, with the exception of mod capability and the new Video Editor mode, but technically, the game will be able to run at 4K, as well as at 60FPS on triple-screen monitors and in shiny 3D. The PC version will officially launch April 14th, unless Rockstar pulls a late April Fools on us and decides to push it back another year.




I'm very excited personally to get my hands on GTA V for the PC when the price drops, if you couldn't tell, I love this game, I own the Collector's Edition on my Xbox 360 and re-bought the game for the Xbox One. What are your thoughts on GTA V, will you be picking it up on your PC? Let me know down below! Thanks a ton for reading!

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