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Things that should be fixed in the update.

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Don't get me wrong, the game is great, but there are several profound issues that I hope will be fixed upon the update. Most of these issues involve forge, though that's not the only focus.


1.) Water physics and water boundries. In both Erosion and Forge W--sorry Ravine, we are unable to even touch the water. 343, people enjoy making maps that use shallow water as a feature. Not only that, but in Erosion, the water physics act more solid than fluid. If you die in the water, your body "sits" rather than floats on top of the water.


2.) Boundries and map size. For a forge map, not only should they be big, but the boundries should be MUCH more lenient. We don't have much vertical space for making towers and mechs, and that's problematic. That and the maps are simply too small for any dramatic creations. I understand that we have 3 forge maps, thus making it so them combined are overall larger than Forge World itself, but that simply doesn't cut it. What if someone wants to make a map that uses a large area? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we should get a map that looks like Sandbox but is the size of Forge World in later DLC.


3.) Fine tuning. Bring it back. I always used it for making small cosmetic details in house interiors. Fine tuning is a NECESSITY!


4.) 2D background textures in maps. In Impact, the asteroid rings are noticeably 2 Dimensional. In Ravine, the birds are 2D and the vegetation loads as you walk. A forge map should be a lot more scenic.


5.) Placing objects in the ground. Being able to place a forge object almost all the way in the ground was a great advantage for making fine details. Now objects are forced out at about half-way.


6.) Jet pack duration and Thruster pack distance. Make them both larger. It would play a lot more smoothly if these abilities were enhanced. Also, it would be fantastic to be able to tackle people with the Thruster pack.


7.) Make it so the Killcam is a switchable option. I don't want to come across as the type who compares Halo 4 to CoD, but the Killcam is simply a glaring similarity and we should be able to choose whether or not we want it on.


8.) Bring back Invasion and the ability to play as an Elite. [Playing as a Promethean could also be interesting.]


9.) This is another point that has been addressed countless times: the DMR is too overpowered. At least tone down the rate of fire or the bullet magnetism. Those of us who enjoy using the assault rifle types are at a tremendous disadvantage. The Bolt Shot is also a bit cheap. At least make it like the Mauler, where it does half of the player's life.


10.) THIS ONE IS HUGE. The assist/kill-steal system is terribly flawed. I find myself getting assists after firing a single instant-kill attack. For instance, having not attacked the enemy prior, I fire my Railgun, only to end up with an assist. Sometimes I even get assists when nobody is around to take my kill. It's incredibly frustrating and inexcusable. Please fix it.


11.) The kill feed. I'm sure this is an issue that many have already stated, but it's simply to bothersome to leave out. The kill feed has undergone a serious downgrade. All of the previous Halo games after CE let us know how we died; be it just killed, head-shotted, sniped, stuck, beat down, etc, people were able to understand almost exactly what happened without the assistance of a killcam. Would it be possible to install a killfeed system similar to that of Halo: Reach? That would probably settle the minds of many.


12.) Sticky Grenades, PLEASE bring back their thunder. First of all, I have always been a sticky grenadier since Halo 3. Seeing how they've been weakened so heavily peeves me. However, my biggest issue goes to knowing whether or not I stuck someone. There's no "Stick" medal anymore, so it's hard to tell whether or not an actual stick was earned. I understand that the word "Stuck" appears on your screen, but it doesn't show up if you've already died, and like the actual blue plasma glow, the stated phrase is simply not very prominent. I actually end up throwing both of my plasmas now to ensure that I stuck my opponent as a result of that. Not only that, but I don't get to go and do my routine post-game "Stick medal check" anymore. That's something that I've always looked forward to doing in Halo matches.


13.) THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE GAME! You can't edit the Flood's weapons in Flood Mode! So many Infection games in the past Halo game rely on giving the infected weapons like Rockets or Snipers. You need to be able to change the weapon set of the Flood. All of those great gametypes like "Halo" and "Cops & Robbers" are now unavailable due to this glaring issue. 343, I strongly believe you should make this a priority in future updates. Let the infected have changeable weapon settings. At that, allow them weapon pick up as well as the ability to drive vehicles if the player decides upon that setting.


Overall, Halo 4 is a fantastic installment to the franchise. This topic is not intended to fuel any rage or amount to any disrespect to 343. I understand that the game is incomplete, so the points addressed are simply things that I feel should be considered.

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#1 awesome


#2 I have had no trouble with the sizes. For large aerial maps use impact and create a fortress in the open area as low as you can go, and you should be able to build very tall structures.


#3 Don't use magnets. The magnet system is for those who are not obessive about placement. Coordinate system is your friend


#4 awesome


#5 ON POINT! my friend


#6 awesome. Custom games allow for modification via general player traits and trait zones. Slightly irrelavent to what you said, as I'm sure you were referring to matchmaking.


#7 Couldn't agree more!

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#2 I have had no trouble with the sizes. For large aerial maps use impact and create a fortress in the open area as low as you can go, and you should be able to build very tall structures.

As I understand the maps are adequate for most forging purposes, I simply don't see their dynamics being compatible with megastructures. I also believe a giant version of Sandbox would make all the fans happy. Some people like to build cities. I like to build huge robots and Forge art. Said giant Sandbox [with a high air barrier] would make that an exceptionally easier task. Not to mention how beautiful Sanbox's atmosphere is. I would love to see that map return bigger and better.


#3 Don't use magnets. The magnet system is for those who are not obessive about placement. Coordinate system is your friend

I understand that. However, along with mecha building, I also like to create incredibly detailed interiors of houses. To do so, I often need fine tuning. What I mean is that for EXTRA-small details, fine tuning is a necessity. Details like adding a handle to a fridge or the buttons to a microwave, or even the faucet on a sink. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creating houses. These are just some of the many things fine tuning is used for.


Well, thanks for your reply. I'm glad to see I didn't type that in vain. Let's hope 343 gets word of it. I hope some of these things will be adressed with the upcoming patch.

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It would appear that you have suaded me in the direction of bringing back the sandbox. My map Stank Pitrahedron touches the top of reach's forgeworld, and I surely cannot recreate it or any iteration of it within halo 4's worlds.


I cannot believe i forgot about the 'fine tuning' tool vs manually fine tuning an object.

Totally agree, sir!

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