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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am the The Dumb Marine! Your purple friendly weasel loving... Uhh... Friend. And... WELCOME TO THE VERY FIRST EVER ART WEEK!! Alright, So this is the introduction to a new tradition I plan on making for the site! Which is known as Art Week. Art Week will be held once a month, And will give artists, machinimators, music makers, and even people who have amazing stuff to show that wouldn't be seen normal anywhere else! My goal from this is to give all members a chance to get their favorite piece of art (That they made of course), shown to the public, And get the attention it deserves. There are only a few set of rules. Rules: 1. Do not post a whole lot of art, Art count per artist will be listed later 2. If you dislike something, Don't be rude about it, But just state what you think could've been done here or there. (In a nice manner!) 3. Don't post something with swears from top to bottom, or something graphically profane. In other words, KEEP IT CLEAN! 4. Do NOT copy other users content, Or upload content made by a user without their permission. (Especially if you plan on borrowing from DeviantArtist's that you really like) 5. No matter what, Be respectful in everyway possible! As stated in #2. 6. If you plan on making a small video, Please try keeping it at least five minutes or under, As site bandwidth can really lag up. ART LIMIT: EVERY ARTIST CAN SUBMIT 3 WORKS OF ART, GOOD OR BAD, OLD OR NEW, FUNNY OR SAD, JUST KEEP IT CLEAN!! I really hope this works out well!! And thanks to Drizzy_Dan and all the mods for being able to help out with this, And always give our mods extreme credit. This post will be locked until April 21st. Until then, Hasta la vista, Baby. Thanks for reading! - TDM
  2. Anyone here who is into photography, or just likes taking pictures, I'd like you to go ahead and post a few things. 1. What camera you have. 2. A few pictures to share. 3. And/or a website or blog if you have one. 4. Any interesting, cool, or exotic places you have taken pictures in. RULES: No flaming on people about their pictures No flaming on people about what kind of camera they have No inappropriate content (ie nudity, language, etc) HAVE FUN ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Suppose I'll start. I used to use a Fujifilm Finepix 2500HD that my grandma bought me one year for Christmas. However, I recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. I've never been anywhere REALLY cool, but I've taken some good pics in San Francisco, CA. I recently went on a road trip through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon and took some pretty cool pictures there. I'm not going to bother putting any pictures in my post since you can see most of my good stuff here: http://thebashfulbrute.tumblr.com/ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PS: Try and keep this thread alive! If you take a particularly beautiful or cool picture, or go on a cool photography trip, post it here!!
  3. As the title says, this one is pretty obvious. Minecraft is one of the most popular X-Box Live Arcade games ever made, as well as very popular on the PC. So it makes sense that more than a handful of us have Minecraft. Have you made something awesome that you would like to share with us? Well now you can! By way of pictures. For the PC version you can use a snapshot tool to take a picture and upload it to an image sharing site (e.g. Photobucket) and then use the image bbcode to post it here! For the X-Box version all you have to do is take a picture of your screen while you are looking at your creation to give us a little preview of it. You can post multiple pictures in one post if you'd like. After you get your image set up, just write a little description of what you made, which version it's for, and how you made it. Simple as that. Here's my first one: This is the outside of my skyscraper. I used the X-Box 360 version of Minecraft to create this. The inside of it isn't finished (and neither is the top floor if you look carefully) however it's come a long way. The only things left to do on it are the lighting (with glowstone) and the top floor (which will be obsidian). One of the features of this skyscraper is that every floor is made out of a different material, with a cobblestone exterior. The first floor (aka the lobby) is made completely out of cobblestone. The second floor is made of Iron Blocks. The third floor is Gold Blocks. The fourth floor is Diamond Blocks. The fifth floor is made of Bricks. The sixth floor is made of Lapis Lazuli Blocks. The seventh floor is made out of Clay Blocks. The eighth floor is made out of Wooden Planks. The ninth and tenth floors don't exist because clouds pass through them. The eleventh floor is made out of Stone Blocks (aka pure stone). And the twelfth floor is still in progress, but will be made of Obsidian and the walls will be made of a pattern of the previously mentioned materials. There is also a Lava lighting source that goes straight down the exact center of the building. Pretty cool right? Now it's your turn!
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