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Found 10 results

  1. I've excluded a few species that no one will even vote for. Votes are public. See what others people voted for. Please state why you voted in a reply, if you'd like to. HUMANS SUCK.
  2. Electronic Arts has dashed most hope for a possible remaster or reboot of the Mass Effect Trilogy on current generation systems. Since the release of the current generation of consoles, Mass Effect fans have been eager for a Trilogy port or remaster, but it seems Electronic Arts is not as keen on the idea. IGN.com reports that EA's Patrick Söderlund was interviewed by Game Informer and he told them that a remaster is not likely. He does confirm that Electronic Arts has examined the requests and knows about the desire for a port. "I won't lie and say we haven't looked at it. But for us, it's about weighing where we spend our resources. Is it better for them to be working on a completely new IP, which you know BioWare is, or should they be remastering a Mass Effect?" Patrick said, confirming that it would not be happening. He backed this up by stating how he wants to remember games as they were originally when he goes back to play them, rather than an upscale or remaster. This news comes in light of the recent Mass Effect: Andromeda announcement at EA's E3 Conference, the game is slated for release sometime in Holiday 2016. View attachment: mass effect andromeda.png All information and pictures are sourced from Bioware and Electronic Arts.
  3. Hello dedicated readers, welcome to the Weekly News Wrap-Up, the eighth edition, wow I'm really milking this cash cow! Speaking of cash cows, we have quite a few of those in today- What? I'm being told we can't call these games 'cash cows'... Uh-huh... Apparently I'm fired. Welp, there goes my income for my three kids... Enjoy the Wrap-Up! View attachment: WNW 61414.JPG Diablo III Confirmed for 900p on Xbox One; 1080p on PlayStation 4 Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil has become a widely pre-ordered hit making it's way to Current Generation consoles, and naturally the question buyers are asking is what the resolution of the game is? According to IGN.com, the game will run at a confirmed 900p on the Xbox One, and 1080p on the PS4, both at a 60 frames per second lock. This news came from the Senior Producer's own mouth, Julia Humphreys, who only said, "We're prioritizing frame rate." This is surprising considering it wasn't mentioned at E3, which is strange as most developers would bring it up. Of course this is likely due to the apparent partnership with PS4 as the Ultimate Evil Edition only appeared at the Sony conference, and has PlayStation exclusive content. Phil Spencer also responded over Twitter, making it apparent that the resolution wasn't his choice and he never spoke to Blizzard personally on the matter. View attachment: Diablo-3-Reaper-of-Souls-Soundtrack.jpg What do you think, is it disappointing that it's only 900p on Xbox One, or is it okay for the 'next' generation to put out a 900p game? Discuss below! Grand Theft Auto V Announced for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 The Current Generation version of Grand Theft Auto V had a huge amount of rumors and speculation around it, so it was a given that this confirmation would happen, likely at E3. EscapistMagazine.com reports that the game, which was revealed at E3, will becoming at an unannounced date this fall for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. It will include visual upgrades, added content, and a bonus video editor for PC users. The game is available for pre-order already, and is likely partnered with PlayStation in some way, as it was revealed at their conference and shows PS4 footage. View attachment: gta-v-.jpg What do you think of the news? Are you excited for GTA V on the newer platforms, enough to pre-order or buy day one? Let me know below! Mass Effect Prequel Teased at E3 Mass Effect has become a pop culture hit in it's latest years, and fans were foaming at the teeth for a new reveal at E3's conference, what they got only managed to tease more, on Mass Effect's account, the set of interviews and concept images can be seen in a short video talking about the move in a new direction. The game is shown to have Krogan-esque figures, and enter a new region of the galaxy currently unexplored. The main character also has beefy armor, looking quite a bit like that of a Cerberus trooper, and follows a galaxy map of sorts, like usual. The N7 logo is also shown off multiple times, as well as vast open terrains mimicing that of the old expansive lands to drive the Mako around, a much missed vehicle. This teaser basically sums up that the game is in development and it won't be long before we see more of it. View attachment: ME-E3.jpg What did you think of the teaser, was it done well enough to entice you further? Debate below, and thanks for reading! Thanks for reading indeed, and I'll see you next time on the Weekly News Wrap-Up!
  4. Sorry for this delay again, next Saturday I will be sure to post this on the dot, I lost access to my PC over the weekend, and recently got it back, you have my apologies. We've got three amazing articles for you this week, I promise! My 1000th post everyone, enjoy! View attachment: WNW 71514.JPG Negotiations with Microsoft and Sony for Early Access on Consoles Underway One of the main reasons for the PC system Steam's popularity is it's easy to use Early Access system, which has allowed underground titles like DayZ and The Forest to see massive popularity and growth, and receive critical hands-on gameplay feedback. IGN.com reports that key people in Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment America, Adam Boyes and Chris Charla, did reveal that key conversations with developers were about the implementation of an Early Access system akin to Steam's. ID@Xbox's chief Chris Charla, mentioned above, gave the most information on it, saying, "It's a really interesting issue with digital marketplaces, and it's something our store and marketplace team think about all the time . . . Our goal is to have a rational marketplace, where good games are visible and sell well." Adam Boyes made similar comments, stating, "It's still a project that a lot of minds are considering. No details yet, but it's something on the top of my mind every day." View attachment: dayz__wallpapers.jpg Would you like to see an Early Access system implemented into the Xbox One or PS4? Discuss below! Grand Theft Auto V PC Release Listed Grand Theft Auto V was recently announced on Current Generation consoles and PCs, with a Fall 2014 window, but the actual release date seems to be unknown, at least until now. PCGamer.com describes that a European site called CoolShop listed the game for November 14th, 2014, meaning that North Americans will likely get it on the 11th of November. The date does make some sense, as the majority of European releases happen on Friday, and happen in North America on Tuesday. The date has been changed to the standard issue filler date of December 31st, 2014, but PCGamer still has a snapshot of it, visible on the article. View attachment: gta-5-michael_with_sign_1920x1080-wallpaper.jpg Are you purchasing the next generation version of GTA V or the PC version? Debate in the comments! Bioware to Discuss Mass Effect 4 at Comic-Con Details on the upcoming Mass Effect 4, likely not even to be called that, have been scarce, save for some conceptual art at E3 and scattered comments toward the product, however, this Comic-Con you will likely be able to see more of the new Mass Effect. Polygon.com states that this Comic-Con, according to the schedule, Bioware will be appearing to talk about Mass Effect 4. Well-known members of the Bioware team like Mike Gamble and Jessica Merizan will be making an appearance at the panel. Aside from that Bioware is remaining scant on the whole thing, so we'll have to wait to see what else they have in store. So far, there has been no confirmed release date for the next Mass Effect, but it is likely not going to be in 2014 and will probably release in 2015 or 2016 at the latest. View attachment: Mass-Effect-3-the-real-female-shepard.jpg Are you excited for the next Mass Effect game and will you be tuning in to see all the latest news on the game at Comic-Con? Let me know below! Thanks for reading everyone, have a great week, I'll see you Saturday! I promise this time, you don't need to fire me! Take care everyone.
  5. Two games might be released on different platforms We'll start of with Mass Effect The Mass Effect Trilogy might be one of the greatest adventures you'd ever see. The endless ways in which Shepard could deal with everything makes this popular under fans and gives the game great replay value. So great, they might even release it on the next-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 Now I can hear you thinking 'But P34nut, I've heard nothing about this and surely this would've made everybody go nuts. Where did you get this from?!?!?' Well, a webstore located in Chile names Zmart has put up the Mass Effect Trilogy for sale on the next-gen platforms. Pictures down here: There's no release date yet and untill EA releases some more details we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet. But what IF this would happen. Would you buy it? Now onto Destiny (Yes I know... So much Destiny this week!) The game Destiny will be released on the platforms Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. And people have been shouting from the top of their lungs 'WHY ISN'T THIS COMING TO PC?!?!?' And Bungie responded. Bungie is creating the game on all 4 platforms themselves. (Unlike Titanfall dev's Respawn who let a different company create the Xbox 360 version) And this ofcourse quite the effort. It isn't that simple to make the PC version next to the current platforms, although they wish it were. They also stated that the idea of making a PC version isn't completely scrapped. They just don't have the time for it now. If a PC version were to be released, would you buy it? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thanks for reading! Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8891/mass-effect-trilogy-op-komst-voor-next-gen-consoles http://nl.ign.com/news/8897/destiny-misschien-nog-naar-de-pc
  6. Hello everyone, Edward Kenway coming to you with not one, not two, but THREE action packed events taking place within the next month! So gear up your Xboxs, loot your loot, up your biotics, and prepare to drop in Edward’s Trinity Events! For our first playdate, with a confirmed date of April 6th, likely near the end of the day, we will be playing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer in the Multiplayer Playdate. We’ll be playing against a large variety of enemies and on quite the amount of maps. A small note to players, if possible download the packs, as we will be playing on DLC maps. The add-ons are 100% free and will not cost Microsoft points to buy. Coming up second is the dark and melancholy Halo 3 ODST Endure Playdate. This one is more challenge specific as I will take a team of three players and attempt the Endure vidmaster with them. The date will be edited in when it is decided. Finally, to end it with a bang, we take a trek into the Badlands of Pandora in the Borderlands 2 Co-operative Playdate. Each group will randomly be fighting a pre-chosen boss, such as Bewm Boom or Saturn, just for the fun of it, as the next group cycles in. The way this will all work, since these games are 4 player only, is we will use a team based cycling system, depending on when you sign up. Let’s say Bnus signs up below first for the Mass Effect 3 playdate, then Yoshi, then D-38 Boss, these three along with me will play a round on the highest difficulty, then I move to the next three that signed up, the same formula for ODST and Borderlands 2. Sign up below for what games you will be joining, and thanks to Onsokumaru for sponsoring the Events! Credits to JX and Gryffin as well for the images. Current Attendees: Mass Effect 3: Halo5 Follower D-38 Boss Erebus ___________ Ledgend1221 Bnus JXZAW ___________ Borderlands 2: Anarchy D-38 Boss JXZAW ___________ Yang Xaoi Long Halo 3: ODST: Halo5 Follower Erebus Bnus ___________ ShadowFiend JXZAW
  7. to those who thought i was gone for good, well here's proof i'm not, and i say hello again from my prowling dark shadows... hello harby, how nice to see you sipping a drink. you must be this relaxed with me here to ruin your day anyway, this time, it's forever as Commander Brandon Shepard.
  8. Did you know that.. Ashley Williams are played by Kimberly Brooks. she's one that starred in three Mass Effect Games. from First Mass Effect to Mass Effect 3. she only made brief cameo in Mass Effect 2. Jeff "Joker" Moreau are played by Seth Green. he has starred in the entire Trilogy of Mass Effect Series. he has been with the Commander Shepard from very beginning. David Anderson are played by Keith David. he has been the mentor for Commander Shepard since the beginning and always have been here for the Commander Shepard. he starred in the rest of Mass Effect Series. Miranda Lawson Played by Yvonne Strahovski. she has starred in her first appearance in Mass Effect 2 and made brief cameo in Mass Effect 3. Armando Bailey Played by Michael Hogan. he starred in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. EDI played by Tricia Helfer. she starred in Mass Effect 2 as the EDI on the ship and in Mass Effect 3, she is also mobile weapons platform as well. it was her only first body appearance on Mass Effect 3. Garrus Vakarion are played by Brandon Keener. he starred in whole Trilogy of Mass Effect, he met Commander Shepard in Mass Effect and has been friends with the Commander since then. [More coming soon]
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0zhXuxZcDw Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, the animated prequel story for Mass Effect 3, will be available in November. Paragon Lost follows the exploits of James Vega and his tussle with the collectors. Henry Gilroy, best known for his work on Star Was: The Clone Wars animate film and subsequent TV series, wrote the script, with animation being handled by the studio that produced Ghost in The Shell. The movie will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on November 13. Check out the trailer below. Article from ----> http://www.gameinfor...-a-trailer.aspx
  10. Mass Effect 3 The Beginning of the End by: Phil Kollar (courtesy of GameInformer) "It's all been building up to this. From hunting down the rogue Spectre Saren in the first Mass Effect to teaming up with the sketchy paramilitary organization Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard's various adventures have had one clear focus: saving the galaxy from a powerful machine race known as the Reapers. Now the Reapers have arrived on Earth, and Shepard must embark on one last-ditch effort to unite the various sentient races and discover a seemingly impossible solution to the war. As I sit down for my first hands-on time with three complete missions from Mass Effect 3, I'm about to witness how high the stakes are and how greatly my choices will impact the fate of the galaxy this time around." *Spoiler Warning* Given the nature of my play session and the things that are most important to the Mass Effect franchise, this article contains spoilers for a few of Mass Effect 3's story missions. However, keep in mind that what I describe here is only one possible outcome; the whole structure of a mission can change depending on what you choose to do. The war comes home. As I begin the first mission of Mass Effect 3, an Earth escape sequence, I realize that Bioware has already shown off this level at E3 and various other events last year. In it, my female engineer version of Shepard is called to meet with the Earth's defense council. She has been relieved from military duty after the events of ME 2's Arrival DLC, but the council requires her expertise. Colonies in the solar system have stopped responding at the appearance of some "incomprehensibly powerful" force. The defense council building is attacked, and Shepard escapes with long-time ally Captain Anderson. I notice a persistent theme of loss and sadness reverberating throughout the level. This emotion is particularly felt in the poignant appearance of a child three times throughout the course of the mission. Shepard first sees the child standing outside the defense council building before the Reaper invasion, playing with a toy spaceship. Then she encounters him hiding in a ventilation shaft, but the child chooses to run away, screaming, "You can't help me!" Finally, Shepard witnesses the child climbing aboard an escape shuttle that is immediately shot out of the sky by a Reaper laser. A look of shock comes across Shepard's face as she watches this, a silent realization that she's in another conflict where she can't save everybody. According to exectutive producer Casy Hudson, these scenes exist for more than getting across the stakes and the scale of devastation the Reapers are about to unleash across the galaxy. "We're exploring the idea of getting the player to understand and feel what Commander Shepard is experiencing versus just reacting to other characters," he explains. "We're trying to tell a little bit of the story Shepard would feel and seeing if the player feels that as well....I think that's going to be one of the things people remember." As Earth erupts in chaos and millions of civilian casualties happen around her, the only choice available is to barrel forward to the Normandy and escape in order to regroup and come back with an army prepared to battle the Reapers. To do so, Shepard is forced to leave Anderson behind. Anderson restores Shepard's rank and provides what's likely to be his final order: "We need every species and all their ships." It seems like an impossible, hopeless mission - even more so than the suicide run of Mass Effect 2 - but before we can get started, we need to take a detour. All good things. If it delivers on it's promise, Mass Effect 3 is poised to be a revolutionary first for the game industry. We've seen plenty of plot-heavy video game trilogies, but never has a franchise tied together so many complex and variable stories across three games, weaving a web of player choices that pulls you ever tighter to the narrative and your effects on its conclusion. As I talk to Casey Hudson about this impending finale, I can't help but notice how tired he looks. His voice is hoarse, and he's clearly been spending many late nights with the rest of his team finishing the game. It's been a long dramatic eight-year journey for Commander Shepard, the developers at Bioware, and Mass Effect fans, but the conclusion it has all beeen building to is finally almost here. "I think it will all be worth it in the end," Hudson reassures me with a knowing smile.
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