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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys so this has been in the works since like the end of April but a lot of time was taken with finals and then sheer laziness got the best of me at times. But I think posting this today has a lot more purpose in it than if I were to post it at the end of last month. So here's @Maestro: DD: "MAESTRO! Glad you agreed to this! Let's start with a little background here: What's your experience with Forge in Halo?" M: "Oh boy, you're starting off with the tough questions, aren't you? Anyways, I started tinkering around in forge back in the days of Halo 3. I didn't make anything worthwhile; all I did was hide power weapons in places that cannot be reached or add teleporters to areas that are otherwise inaccessible via the turret glitch. When I did try to make a map on Sandbox, it was usually an obscenely difficult racetrack. Keep in mind I was only 14 at the time, so map design was not my forte. And designing minigames...? Pfft, forget about it! When Reach came along, I actually tried to make something cool. There's a plateau war map sitting on my Xbox hard drive right now, where you have to shell the other plateau using tanks or sneak over to the other side. I also tried making maps where you had to explore all of Forge World to find power weapons and opponents. But again, none of this stuff was ever released. And then Halo 4 appeared. This game, in conjunction with seeing some of the cool things that THFE showed off, convinced me to make something and actually release it. Although my very first map is long gone (the remake was the subject of my 500th post), it's still the first game where I released my finished products. And... well, you can see where pursuing the art of forge got me. " DD: "That's great stuff! I've been following your work for some time actually and I've even featured one of your map packs in the old WSW. Switching up, Locke or Chief and why?" M: "I think it was Fort Leonard and Synergetic RS that got featured, right? Anyways, I'd pick the Chief. His dialogue in the trailer had a lot of power, and you could also hear a bit of the traditional Halo choir theme we're all familiar with. Locke... I can't quite put my finger on it, but his trailer just didn't have the same impact. I blame nostalgia." DD: "Yes it was exactly those two that were featured. I think a Fort Leonard remake is in order when you get an Xbox One. But I gotta agree with you I'm a Team Chief guy as well but I really like what 343 is doing with this campaign. Have you been following Hunt the Truth? Do you think that story will be telling of Halo 5 at all or do you think it's a waste of time?" M: "I haven't been following Hunt the Truth. But I think it will fill in some plot holes that Bungie left behind in Halo 2 and perhaps Halo 3 (which there are a lot of if you didn't read the books) and shed some light on what humanity thinks of the UNSC's actions. And obviously, it will also build up a lot of hype and anticipation for Halo 5." DD: "I think it's already doing a good job of that to be honest. So which Halo would you say had the best Forge?" M: "I haven't tried forge mode out in MCC yet, so my current favourite is Halo 4's forge. It introduced magnets, which made lining pieces up easier for the most part, and also had a variety of mods available. Were it not for a modded King of the Hill gametype that enabled the parent-child attachment feature, the remake of Halo Gear Solid would not have been possible." DD: "I think Halo 4's Forge was very user-friendly. It wasn't perfect but I played the best customs I've ever played on including any minigame by Charles Stoot or competitive maps from the Meet Your Maker Contest Infinity Slayer Forge Contest along with other maps by Forgers. It is arguable that Reach actually had better customs I've heard. Which game had better custom games in your opinion?" M: "Excluding mods, I would say Reach had the better custom games, since there were more built-in options to alter gametype settings and the like. Including mods, Halo 4 wins. Prior to the release of MCC, 0iah did a great job of showcasing what the modding community was up to." DD: "0lah is someone I've played with and talked to before, he makes really good videos. It's good to get your insight on these kinds of things Maestro. Are there any Forgers whose work you especially admire?" M: "I would say Charles Stoot and my fellow forge group member Zandril. Charles makes great minigames and Zandril makes amazing competitive maps. Delpen's work is also pretty good! He's made some interesting competitive maps as well. Other than those three, most creators of interesting maps tend to not release anything else and are one-hit wonders as a result. It's unfortunate, since they have the potential to make more great maps. But there's nothing we can do as a community other than give feedback and wait patiently for their next map." DD: "I totally agree and I actually didn't know Delpen Forged! So as a member of our Forge Group, do you have any interesting plans to execute in the future when you get MCC that you're willing to share a little info on?" M: "Sorry Dan, that's classified." DD: "Maestroooo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Ok then could you fill in some readers on how the Teleforge 2.0 works? I think people have seen it but might not know exactly what it is." M: "For full details on Teleforge 2.0, I'd recommend checking out the thread. But basically, it's a Halo 4 community forge project where everyone puts a few pieces in at a time. For example, I would place 10 blocks, then Zandril would place 10 walls, and RSR would place 10 bridges. The three of us would keep placing pieces down (structure, scenery, gadgets, weapons, and spawn points and objectives in that order) until we have a finished map. You can put any combination of whichever type of object is being worked with at a given time, as long as you do not place more than 10 pieces down." DD: "The TeleForge has always been a great idea in my opinion since it started as Slik's CFP because it's like a Community Event on a different level. You're working together on a project but not in each other's presence. The collection of additions is a nice surprise when it comes back to your turn. So if you've noticed, your name was the first to officially be listed in the candidate for nomination in the upcoming USF so congrats on being in the race! What do you think of the USF Elections as a whole?" M: "It's all good fun so long as no one gets hurt... by that, I mean it's fun so long as there's no moderator intervention because people act childish and insult each other." DD: "Spyro's actually had to implement rule and policy updates because of things like that occurring in the past. He makes them a point by capitalizing them in the beginning of each thread. Unfortunately it's necessary. Glad I got your two sense on that topic Maestro but it's time to wrap up and post for the community. So what are some words of wisdom for our enthusiastic and involved readers?" M: "Live long and ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and... this world is made of LOVE and PEACE!" Thank you Maestro, thank you readers, thank you . Maestro is up for United States of the Forum Presidential nomination against USF General Fishy and Ash the Strong. Keep an eye out for your Forge Group members on the site. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  2. Greetings everyone! I am Maestro, and I would like to present some of the random maps I make in my spare time! I would like to start off by saying that I am relatively new to the forging community, having only started releasing maps that I have made in Halo 4. Most of the time, I make minigame maps or strange-looking Slayer maps, but I'm willing to try and make other types of maps. If you contact me ahead of time, we could perhaps have a round or two on my creations or your creations. If you try one of my creations, keep any and all criticism constructive or positive. I'm delicate. Nah, but you know what I mean. Keep it clean! I have two maps to present today, which can also be found in THFE's minigame submissions forum: Tesselatorium I apologize for the crude Forge screenshot. I have not taken any action shots of this map yet. Tesselatorium is the result of tinkering with one hundred blocks of alternating heights and an hour's worth of effort. Jump height had to be modified to 110% to allow one to jump up onto a nearby block. It resembles a pyramid, with the middle blocks rising up above the outer pieces. While you can see those hiding in the holes below when standing up top, you skyline yourself and make yourself an easier target. And since these are all 1x1 blocks, there's very little distance between you and your foes. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what weapons you get. You spawn with random weapons, so if Lady Luck is on your side and you get an Incineration Cannon, you will dominate the map for... er, a minute. Maybe. It was originally built to be your basic be the last man standing style of map, but I thought it would work for a good Slayer map as well. Anyways, here's the link for the map, and the links to the King of the Hill variant and Tesselatoricide. And the second map: Halo Gear Solid This is Shadow Ravine Island. Halo Gear Solid is the culmination of a couple days' worth of effort. It was influenced by, if it wasn't obvious, Metal Gear Solid. Your objective is to secure the plans for Metal Gear Halo, a machine capable of moving Halo rings with ease... in other words, it's a variant of Extraction where stealth is the key to victory. The variant requires a bit of an explanation. There are two teams: Red and Blue. The red team is the team of terrorists; they are guarding the plans to Metal Gear Halo. They cannot reach the extraction point, however. If they did, the game would be broken. Their goal is to stop the blue team in their tracks from getting to those plans. The blue team is the team of heroes; they must stop Metal Gear Halo's construction. To emphasize the stealth over strength idea, I gave the red team additional shields, access to an armory, infinite (but not bottomless clip) ammo, and higher damage resistance, but no radar. The blue team has permanent active camouflage, the Ammo support upgrade, and radar which detects player movement. Another view of Shadow Ravine Island. There are multiple routes for the blue team to utilize to get to the plans which integrate many of Ravine's natural features. But, I will leave these routes up to the players to find. This is one path. If a blue team member dies, they will respawn here: ...in jail with Agent Shmeef. He got captured and shanked when he tried to get the plans. Therein, players must find a way out. If you are observant, it's easy. Once you break out, you must make your way back into the battlefield, and try not to die again. I stress the point of not dying if you're playing on European Extreme. It's like MGS2's European Extreme where your damage resistance is ridiculously low and you cannot find any rations. In this game, your damage resistance is only 50%, and your shields do not recharge. Trait zones were the only way to tweak these stats so that only the blue team is affected, which resulted in an entirely different map. Thanks for looking, and if you tried one of these maps, I thank thee tenfold! I have more maps to unveil, so keep an eye out! JUNE 15 EDIT: After some testing, I have updated Halo Gear Solid 1 and the gametype. Please redownload if you downloaded them before! These files have been deleted from my file share.
  3. Welcome all to the Presidential Debate! This election's debate features two prominent members of the Forum. These members have worked hard, overcame the other candidates, and now are counting on your votes to send them through. They will be presenting their arguments for two key questions this Forum wants answers to, Ladies and Gentlemen welcome, your candidates: Yoshi1176 Maestro Conan O'Brein ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Welcome to the Debate Gentleman, Yoshi1176, you're opening statement please. (Words of Yoshi in Cyan) (Words of Maestro in Lime) Yoshi1176 *walks on stage shakes Zebras hand* Thanks for having me. For those of you who don't know I am Yoshi1176. It may seem that I am just running for president but for me its much more than that, its the joy that comes from serving the community that I love. I feel I am a good choice for president because I have what any responsible politician has, A presence in the place he serves, a strong backing of peers and other followers, and a good attitude. My main goal is to be able to voice the opinions of my peers so that they can feel just as important as anyone else. And again thank you for the time. And now for your opening statement Maestro. Maestro *walks onstage, shakes Zebra's hand* It's a pleasure to be here. As you may have heard, I am Maestro. I have become acquainted with many of you, and would do everything in my power to keep our beloved community safe. Throughout the years, I have been at the helm of the nation of Alexhstan, an empire of 52 billion people and been the mayor of several cities, many of which have had a population over 100,000. I possess a large influence despite only being here for a year, as well as loyal supporters and a powerful sense of justice and loyalty to the community. I bring experience to the table; I have been in a leader's position for 13 years- that's over half my life. I will ensure that your voices are heard, and work to improve the forum in any way possible. Yes, Yes, let's give our candidates a round of applause, Now, we have our first topic of debate, Spambots and Trolls. So tell us, the people, if you're elected to the office of Presidency how will you handle spambots and trolls? Maestro If I am elected president, I will make certain that the spambots and trolls are banned swiftly, efficiently, and permanently. I will also see to it that additional security is installed to prevent them from signing up in the future. Anything that I can do to prevent another Spambot War from taking place, I will do. Yoshi1176 If I were elected president I wouldn't declare war on the spam bots. I would have my people perform psychological test on them to find out why they wish to harm our forums. I would then develope a cure for there problems so they can enjoy our forum just as much as we do. And if all else fails we will call in our mods to get the job done. Once they ban the spambots they will be welcomed back from the frontlines with the respect they deserve. Nothing beats good old man power. Maestro How can you perform a psychological test on a spambot? They're a bot, a machine. They will not listen to reason, nor do they have the capability to learn from what you or I or anyone else has to say. The trolls can listen, but they will not learn. Both spambots and trolls come in here with a mission, and they will stop at nothing to complete them. The spambots stop by to advertise their questionable services and steal your information. The trolls show up to make you angry. The only way to stop them is to cut them off at the pass, prevent them from entering the community at all. Yoshi1176 I guess your right about the bots I let my compassion get the better of me. But with the trolls don't you want to help them there must be something wrong with them right? I feel everyone deserves a chance. Also you want to put in some high end security system? What will our Mods do? They spend there time rescuing the forum from the bits and they enjoy helping out or else they wouldn't be a moderator. Wouldn't you want people to help fight the bots and so there part for the community which would in turn make tighter bonds with the members. Maestro There is the potential to save trolls. If there is something wrong, there is the potential to save them. But, that potential is very, very small. The moderators will have their work cut out for them dealing with any trolls that may breach our security system. If they are not willing to listen to our words, why should we put them to waste? Yoshi1176 So you want to implement a security system that will fail enough to keep the mods busy? It would be easier to put more mods on the street but have the new ones completely dedicated to the war against bots and trolls instead of a few mods who are running around taking care if everything wearing thin. If we take them out almost as fast as they post we can discourage them and send them to another site. Like I said, we need manpower. Really great answers. Yoshi1176, give us your thoughts. If a Civil War broke out under your Presidency, which two groups of members would it be, and How would you handle it? Yoshi1176 If a war were to break out it would probably be between ps4 and Xbox One buyers. I've seen a lot of these arguments here. To break it up you would have to someone first come in and stop the argument but then remind everyone why they are here. We are all here for a game that we love, doesn't matter which console you buy because your here for the Halo franchise. Whether or not your going to buy the next one that doesn't matter. It's the fun experiences that brought us together. Reminding them if that could cool both sides off fast in my opinion and if that doesn't work we've got the mods who can intervene. Now for your closing thoughts on the possibility of a Forum Civil War Maestro. Maestro I think that a civil war between Bungie Halo fans and 343 Halo fans would be more probable. The Halo community as a whole has fractured thanks to Halo 4's release. Diplomacy is the best route to resolve this issue, and is always the best route to go when a dispute arises. As Yoshi stated, Halo is the reason we're all here. It shouldn't matter which company makes the games, as long as we enjoy Halo in general. If diplomacy fails, then the dispute can always be settled by taking up controllers. If there's still some residual bitterness, then the moderators can step in. Thank you two gentleman for your time today! That concludes our Presidential debate, thank you for taking the time to read this, and for further reading on these two candidates be sure to scroll below to see some of the answers they gave in their campaign interviews. Vote HERE! This interview is with the Legendary Lenny Face! Maestro! An ever-existent shoutbox presence and a lifelong Trusted Member, here's his interview! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? Oh boy, that's going back. I was only a young Maestro back then, and I certainly did not behave like the man you see before you now. I talked about forge mostly in the shoutbox and spammed a couple emotes until Zelda asked me to stop. You may have been there too, back when you were a young purple zebra. Then I posted topics for my first two publicly released minigames: Halo Gear Solid and Tesselatorium, both of which have been removed from my file share. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems that I think 343iCF has today is an overabundance of playdates. While it shows that the members are dedicated to this community, which isn't bad at all, it lessens the impact of each playdate. Last year, when someone hosted a playdate, everyone got pumped for it. There were far fewer playdates than this year, but attendance was huge. Now that everyone and their dog (no offense, GSD or Dog or AD if you lurk in the shadows) have started hosting playdates, less people are getting excited; if they miss the one coming up this weekend, chances are there will be another one next weekend. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Until I make post #500, I'll stay in Offbeats. The only reason being that I don't want to be a silver member yet. Offbeats are more fun, and if you've attended a playdate that I've hosted or played Halo in general with me, all I want is to have fun. Offbeats offer fun. General Discussions aren't nearly as fun as Offbeats. Ever see a forum minigame in General Discussion? 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I'm really hoping that I make the march to victory, but I think that Da Boss is my greatest threat. He lost by one vote in the previous election, and since the current presidents aren't in the running again, there's a good chance he'll make it. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3. It introduced a bunch of new weapons, vehicles, equipment, and greatly changed the Brutes from invincible Wookiees into a diverse bunch of strong warriors with different tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? The Incineration Cannon. No other weapon can compare to scoring a one-hit kill on pretty much every type of enemy you see. Promethean Knights, Elites, enemy Spartans, the Mantis, they all fall the same when hit with the Incineration Cannon. Plus it's just so scary. Red bolts of death hurtling at you at breakneck speeds, then a red blast followed by bouncing red bolts and smaller red blasts. Did I mention red? And the sounds it makes. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Add a new rank above Dedicated, to give all members something to strive for when they join. I'd call it the Mythic rank, and it could be attained when a member reaches 5000 posts. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? I'd ask him how the weather is out east. 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Not in its useless title update form, but not in its overpowered original form either. I'd re-release it as equipment like Invincibility or Bubble Shield, and make it a one-time use only item that lasts for five seconds when you decide to use it. You have your precious Armour Lock back, but use it wisely! 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I shall serve the forum well, under the guidance of Shrek. Plus, if I'm elected president, the people shall get a presidential playdate! Oh, and I'll save the economy and get big business OUT of politics once and for all! Great job Maestro, we not only wish you good luck on your march to Presidency, we wish you happy Lenny face! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yoshi1176 hails from the Dedicated Members group and has a very friendly presence in both the forums and shoutbox. I'm sure you'll enjoy his interview. 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? My first day on the site was like most of the people that are no longer here, I left after the first ten minutes and disn't come back for a week or so. I then came back and saw how all the elder members acted and how they were like a family and I wanted that. And now I am here today with friends, and even a sort of family. Although I wasted my first day I make everyday here worth wild. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The biggest problem we struggle today would probably be communicating with the new members, there are a few that came in and made a name for themselves but others are still shy and don't get involved. It is the responsibility of the older more prominent members to welcome them and get them involved. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Personally I like the offbeat section, I love the games and topics that dwell within that forum. I do like the general discussion forum as well because its a bit more serious and a good place for learning stuff. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I think while I would love to win this election, I belive Drizzy has a good chance at winning. He is very popular around the site and is a genuinly good guy. (I still want to win) 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3, The first game (including non Halo) that I played. I loved the story and the gameplay. And not to mention the countless hours of customs and forge with my cousins. Halo 3 delivered some of the most memorable experiences for me. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? It's probably the DMR. Although it isn't a orthodox Halo weapon I enjoyed everypart of weapon it was balanced or so I belived and it was effective. Not to mention how cool it looked. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? I would probably give out some sort of award to all the loyal members of the forums, they work hard to keep this place the nice, friendly, and enjoyable place that we all dwell. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? I would probably discuss the ins and outs of the forums with him. See how it all works and how he manages it all. 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? I actually liked armor lock. Many people had other opinions on it but I enjoyed it, especially on BTB on Halo Reach. Whats more fun then taking down a warthog with armor lock? 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I feel I should be president because I am one of the commoners, I see the members trusted members and dedicated members and I enjoy talking with all of them and I feel there voice is important. And I would be the mouth that there voice flows. Thanks for the great replies Yoshi! Best of luck to you this election! BE SURE TO VOTE HERE! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. As you may or may not have heard, I announced a minigame playdate a little while back called Maestro's Merry Minigames, or MMM for short. The Dumb Marine announced a playdate also, a couple weeks before I announced MMM. And just recently, Edward Kenway/Omega stated that he too had a playdate in the works. Since fate has decided that MMM, the Dumb Marine's Holiday Playdate, and Edward's playdate would fall upon the same day, Bnus suggested that we merge the first two playdates. After a long conference filled with much deliberating, negotiating, discussions, and the signing of treaties, we have come up with... WE MERGED 'EM INTO MMEMMM! So now we have one massive playdate in store for everyone! The Dumb Marine will be kicking off the playdate with every gametype under the sun in Halo 4, I'll keep the fun rolling with minigames from throughout cyberspace, and Edward will wrap things up with some Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Halo Wars! Here are the important details: TIME AND DATE: 9am-9pm PST, December 21st GAMES: Halo 4 for the Dumb Marine's Kickoff and Maestro's Minigames, Reach + GTAV + Halo Wars for Edward's Wrap Party DLC: Forge Island (it's a freebie if you haven't got it already!) MIC: Preferred but not required Holiday Spirit MANDATORY Here's what will be on tap for this massive playdate: The Dumb Marine's Kickoff: Dominion, Team Slayer, Infection (Reach Variant), Community, Oddball, Extraction, Capture The Flag, Basic Flood (Halo 4 Variant), Regicide, FFA, and King of The Hill Maestro's Minigames: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower, Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium, Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666, Convoy King at Koridai, Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 and Longbow 500 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! If you have any other minigames to add to the roster, speak up! Edward's Wrap Party: Infection & Hunger Games on Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto V, and Halo Wars So get suited up in your snow gear, prepare for fun and games and jokes and laughter and good times, and let's get this sled rollin'!
  5. Maestro


    MMM? No, I'm not talking about food or drinks, although this is the time of year the best goodies are made. It's the result of a nice bit of alliteration in this event's title... Since there's a lack of playdates focusing purely on mini games, I thought that I'd host one in time for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Ramadan or Boxing Day or whichever holiday you celebrate if there are any I didn't list. So for the next little while, I'll be forging up a storm to make more mini games that I personally will contribute to the roster. If there are any other mini games that attendants have made or have found in the vast expanse of cyberspace, feel free to list them below! EDIT: Whoops, how could I forget? This is being hosted on HALO 4. If you have that, a microphone, and Forge Island, you'll be all set for fun and games and laughter! Here's what's on tap right now: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666 Convoy King at Koridai Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! Now you might be asking: "Hey Maestro, when are you hosting this?" And to that I answer: "Vote for either 1pm on December 14th, or either 1pm or 7pm on December 21st!" Keep in mind that these times are PACIFIC TIME [uTC-8]. Let's celebrate the holidays with a bang! And fun! And games!
  6. Greetings, everyone. I am Maestro the Stampede, candidate for the presidency of the United States of the Forums. As you all know, the race for president is well underway, with each candidate showing their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their true colours. While many candidates are well known amongst the membership, you may be wondering: Who is Maestro the Stampede? First and foremost, I am the only candidate not resorting to mudslinging. I may chastise fellow candidates who display unsavoury behaviour in the Shoutbox, but I do that only to try and protect their integrity as a candidate. After all, who wants to vote for someone who wishes death upon their opponents in a democratic forum such as ours, who stoops so low as to claim their rivals perform nefarious deeds in their spare time? Not I. And who else tries to protect their opponents? Not a single candidate. The strength of my opponents reside in their reputations. They have been here longer, that cannot be disputed. In the long run, however, that may be their only saving grace. Their weakness is common, their weakness is mutual: they resort to mudslinging. Why support those who sling mud, when that is all too prevalent in modern politics? When you watch television during an election, there will be ads to try and convince you to vote for a particular person. Sure, that is all fine and dandy. But, instead of showcasing what the politician they are trying to promote can do for you, they will display why you should not vote for their opponent without giving you a reason to vote for the one who is being promoted. I, however, respect each opponent, and instead rely on my strengths to propel myself ahead. I will stand tall, I will keep my head up high. What are my strengths? To put it simply, I am the underdog. I am the only candidate representing Emerald Team, the new members amongst the United States of the Forum. My opponents have unknowingly splintered the vote, creating a divide between members with more seniority in the community. What divide have I created? Just the divide between other candidates and myself. I do what I can to make other members feel welcome. While I may poke fun, each joke I make is in good taste, with positive intentions. Know that I am not laughing at you, but with you. I put forward my best effort to cheer other members up. If you have a problem, you are more than welcome to talk to me about it, and I will do everything in my power to try and fix it. If you are nervous about something, I will motivate you to man up and JUST DO IT! More importantly, you can trust me. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, and I shall come to their aid in their time of need, as shown with my tendency to choose the Drop Shield and Regeneration armour abilities in Halo Reach and Halo 4. I will not betray you, even if you betray me. I remain focused on the mission at hand, and will make sure that everyone stays on course. Why should you vote for me in the upcoming election? I shall positively represent this forum through my words and my actions. If I am to be sent on diplomatic missions to other Halo forums, I shall give them a "Hello" that all of 343i.org can be proud of. I also have a vast experience in governing. My governing experience goes back five years, to the formation of the Empire of Alexhstan. During that time, I have fended off invaders and fought those who would otherwise destroy the integrity and rules bounding which create the very foundation of the Nationsverse. Now, Alexhstan waits. It is the hero that the Nationsverse deserves, but not the one it needs right now. I am the hero that the United States of the Forum deserves, and the one it needs right now. I will pull our forum out of the depression, and continue our march to glory! And remember... what other members do... Thank you for your time. This message has been approved by Maestro the Stampede and created by the Maestro the Stampede for President group.
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