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Found 4 results

  1. There is a video on youtube called Halo | Ultimate Theme Mashup and I really think that the guy who made that video did something fantastic. He combines the best music from all games into one soundtrack. Now in my opinion, Halo 4 and Halo 5 music was mediocre and thats because the music for halo games has been set to such a high standard so it's really hard to recreate what Marty O' Donnell did. Now I say instead of trying to do new music just use old music from old games along with new music. Halo 4 didn't play the main halo theme once I believe and that's insane. Once again I mention this video this guy did because it is such a great mashup of all the great halo music.
  2. It seems clear that in halo 6 that we will have the older armors such as the cqb, eod, etc. What i want to know is if some of the new armors will be returning because the thing i wish ouy of the armors is to be combat ready. Helmets that looked as if they would make sense and look interesting are the Anubis, recruit, hunter, helioskrill, helljumper, and some others. I hope that these and the other armors that don't have giant head phones, giant horns, and zero eyeholes will return instead of those.
  3. Most would agree that Halo 5 is a success. It has had better feedback than Halo 4 did, and 343 improved on everything. It's not often you hear a complaint about Halo 5, and when you do it's nothing major. With all that, there's always room for improvement. For me, there are two features I want: - A UNSC Aircraft We've had the Hornet in Halo 3 and the Falcon in Halo: Reach, but since then we've had no UNSC aircraft for use in-game. Now they've introduced the Phaeton, which is great, but there's only Forerunner and Covenant aircraft available to us. The Hornet and Falcon are most likely decommissioned, they're out of date. A new UNSC Aircraft is needed, we all know it. - Firefight We need more PvE combat, and it's definitely Firefight. Spartan Ops served as a replacement in Halo 4, but most thought Classic Firefight was irreplaceable. Surviving endless waves of Covenant with limited lives was great back in ODST. If 343 bring this back, I'm sure many will be pleased. Now, what would you like to see in Halo 6? Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts? Is there anything you'd like 343 Industries to remove in Halo 6? Share your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.
  4. Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. Now onto my more pressing question. What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology? That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. Any thoughts? What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it? Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps? Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? Post away!!
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