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Found 38 results

  1. This year's E3 looks to get better and better with anticipation building up around many titles, most importantly though the next Halo game. Phil Spencer replied to a fan on Twitter today, saying: "Halo news will be coming at E3. 343i has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone." Now whether this Halo news is for a supposed Halo 2 Anniversary or Halo 5 no one really knows. But recent reports from around the gaming world have been leaning heavily towards Halo 2 Anniversary: With reports of Steve Downes confirming Halo 2's release then quickly retracting the comment and Waypoint tweeting a Halo 2 Master Chief figure that includes a card for "unlockable content." But there has still been no official word from Microsoft or 343 industries specifically confirming Halo 5 or Halo 2 Anniversary for 2014. We only know, "Halo news will be coming at E3." What kind of plan does 343i have in place? Is this E3 news going to be about Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary, maybe even both? Leave your thoughts in the comments bleow. SOURCE: IGN This post has been promoted to an article
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qSTpClAybI For the first part of this trailer, I thought it was Destiny, or maybe a new Lost Planet game. Suffice to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. How do you feel about this trailer, and the upcoming game in general?
  3. Article found here: http://videogamer.com/ /xboxone/halo/news/Bungie_veteran_Joseph_Staten_joins_Microsoft_studios Former Bungie Veteran Joseph Staten has joined the Microsoft studios family as a senior creative director to help create the "world's best entertainment on xbox", Microsoft has announced. Staten spent 15 years at Bungie as a key creative on Halo titles and most recently writer and creative director on Destiny "As a senior creative director, Joseph will help create the world's best entertainment on Xbox as well as help shape our franchise strategy on for some Microsoft titles." said Microsoft in a statement. "He'll also be one of our leading ambassadors to the game development community, building on his many years of experience and relationships with developers and fans. We're excited to share more about Jason's role in the future." " We're excited to share more about Joseph's role in the future..." So not spilling all of your beans huh, Microsoft?
  4. Mark your calendars for June 10-12th as a possible Halo for Xbox One (or Halo 5) could come at this years E3 event! In a recent article from GameRevolution, Microsoft's Phil Spencer teases us with a possible announcement for Halo 5's release date. Take a look at the article and share your thoughts. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will be held on June 10-12th this year (2014) and just from what Phil Spencer has teased, it could possibly lead to a huge event for Microsoft and Xbox One. This is not official, however it does lead you to believe that you will get a release date for Halo 5 at E3. Could this possibly mean we also get a new trailer? What do you guys think? I find it fascinating that Microsoft is already teasing about things for E3. So those of you who are waiting for the release date for Halo 5, June 10-12th could very well be your answer! Source: GameRevolution.com
  5. PS4 - Membership Fees? From CheatCodeCentral: http://dispatches.cheatcc.com/dispatches/343?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_66319 Speculation has risen regarding a comment made by Sony's President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), Jack Tretton, during Sony's E3 conference. While many people completely missed this comment, a few did over at Cheatcc. Instead, most people focused on Sony's main presentation strategy, how Sony isn't being like Microsoft in their next generation console. The comment in question regards the PlayStation Plus program with the PS4. When speaking of PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Tretton said that PS+ would allow players to, "immerse themselves (subscribers) in the incredible PS4 games with online multiplayer." And that means? It means in order to play online multiplayer on the PS4, you need to be a PS+ subscriber. The current subscription for one year of PS+ is $50, and works as a discount and special content center for PSN, similar to the free Xbox live Rewards program. The only difference on current consoles: PS3 online free, but pay $50 for benefits, or Xbox 360, pay $60 for online, but free benefits. If Sony does shift the PS4 to a mandated cost for online, by merging PSN and PS+, the playing field between the new consoles will be greatly leveled. One of the biggest advantages for Sony has been free online, but if that changes with the PS4,it could spell disaster for sales and player loyalty. More clarifying information is needed before this can be confirmed. No comment has been made by Sony on this speculation, but little attention has been on the PS4, and is instead focused on the unclear statements, rumors, abilities, and limitations regarding the Xbox One.
  6. Hey Everyone, I just finished a complete Sound Redesign of the new Halo Trailer. As I really liked the trailer from E3, I did a Version of it where I recorded and recreated all Sounds by myself, as well as composed the complete Music Score. I put a lot of hard work into it and I would be glad if you give it a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm1hYKcHajU Enjoy listening!
  7. Ok so what we had right there was the E3 Teaser for Halo. There was no indication that it was Halo 5 nor any spin off or side story of Halo. I want to break down what I see in the video and point them out. I think that this was the faintest tease towards Halo 5. I'm also going to point out some cool points. Alright so you start the video and you see a desert land with dark skies and wind blowing which almost immediately made me think of Destiny by Bungie. This was done purposely obviously by 343 and was probably sanctioned by Bungie. You see a cloaked figure moving through the sandstorm in rags which is a clear reference to Destiny so I was very excited to see some interesting stuff on Destiny. Ok first cool point I noticed. At 00:23 you see the distant view of the figure walking and the ground behind him is falling out into a dune because it's sand. Now I may be looking far too into this or I may be getting exactly what 343's trying to do but to me this represents sands of time. The time is winding down for this figure to do something (possibly save someone?). 00:52 seconds in you hear a noise like something bionic or something like VOOM only not as loud as you're reading it in your head as caps. The ground also starts shaking about a second before and the figure is confused and begins to look around. As if there's anywhere else to look? All the rocks start floating. They're clearly visible in the sand because they're dark and no sand is floating, just the dark rocks. Are they really rocks? Yea probably because they sound like rocks when they hit the ground after. 01:04 the ground starts to cave in and up from the sand and apparently hardened dirt comes this massive robot if I had to call it something. I have to say it's probably Forerunner in origin. Here's the second cool point. Second cool point: While this giant thing coming out of the ground, you see the figure's arm and it appears he's holding dog tags of sorts. What it actually is, is Cortana's old data chip that he would put in his neural drive in his helmet. Here's a pretty decent picture of it that I screen printed and cropped: Ok so we see that there's a chain just going through the data chip that held Cortana which is a clear indication that this is after the period of Halo 4 and Cortana is still gone. How long it's been is impossible to determine. Third cool point: 01:34 the giant Sentinel or whatever it is, is still emerging and starts taking shape. It spreads what appear to be aesthetic wings and has legs even. And you can see the shape of it's head is almost like a very large version of a Promethean Crawler. When it finally reveals it's body after sending a pulse wave of some sort out you can see that this thing kinda looks like a metal dragon or something. Here's another pic I've screen printed and cropped: What the heck is this thing? Fourth cool point: CHIEF IS REVEALED! 01:40, the pulse knocks the hood of the figure and it's the Master Chief. His visor however is cracked (on only the right side)? I won't show a picture I'll just let you watch the video and see it clearly but it raises the question of why? Chief clutches the chain showing some emotion over his loss and looks the menacing object in its face let's say and you can see the glow of the eyes in the reflection of his visor. Notice one of the lights is brighter than the others or the rest at first but then both glow at the last second before it goes black. I don't know the significance of that but I can extrapolate that maybe it's for vision and attacking like Sentinels or maybe it's just the way the light was hitting Chief. 01:57 shows the Halo logo floating in the desert area which is an indicator that this place might just play a key role in this next Halo game. 02:02 shows a release year of 2014 and says that the journey will begin on Xbox One. Ok to me this indicates that the next Halo game will not come out for the 360 which I guess it shouldn't because it'll be next year and probably late next year because Microsoft is all about the holidays and money and what not. Not the point. Semi cool point: Floating shadows during this time in the middle. They move across the ground and are almost round in shape. They could be ships or I'm just going too deep into this once again. I think this is a Halo 5 teaser really for 2 main reasons: The first being because he's holding Cortana's chip as a keepsake because he's still mourning her loss and is showing emotion which is something 343 wanted to focus on. And because there's also a lot of darkness and an eerie feel like things are going to be terrible for Master Chief and that's something 343 said Halo 5 would be like: a darker game in comparison to others. I don't have a citation for that but that's what I've heard from a lot of people and read on Halo Nation. I hope we can discuss and build on this more. If you caught anything else please comment and share!
  8. Bungie is revealing new Destiny gameplay for the first time at E3's Sony Press Conference. Watch the Destiny gameplay trailer today -or anytime you want after 9:00pm EST/ 6:00pm PST Monday, June 10th. Here's the Bungie news page with the actual official Destiny gameplay reveal cut from the Sony Press Conference. Big thank you to Smokin Shadowz for bringing us the actual trailer. Here is the Gameplay Demo. Here is a Live Gameplay Demo So if you'd like, watch E3 here on the site and head on over here later to watch the Destiny reveal. The news page on Bunge.net has a livestream setup for the Sony Press Conference.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe88pKGHors We have a beautiful video here posted by BatmanArkhamVideos. I don't know what I'd do on YouTube without these guys. Here is a full look at the Batman: Arkham Origins demo at E3 along with an in depth interview with Warner Bros Montreal's Creative Director Eric Holmes. Check out all the new features, gadgets, and scenery. The video says it all so I won't give too much away but you see a great upgrade on the Crime Scene Detective Mode. You get to see the full cinematics of the clips we've been seeing in the E3 trailer and they're awesome. I was dying when it ended because I wanted to see more. You get to know a good deal about the game with Eric Holmes later in the interview. Confirmed: The Penguin The Joker (Voiced by Troy Baker. Excellently may I add.) A more true to the comics Bane Deathstroke (Playable in DLC if preordered) Deadshot Anarchy Upgrades for beating side missions Batwing Possibly the Batcave, strong hints towards it in the interview Anonymous Hacker jamming frequencies that the Batwing will not be able to travel to Arkham Origins Blackgate AzBat skin for preordering for PlayStation 1960's Adam West Batman Costume for preordering for PlayStation Source: BatmanArkhamVideos
  10. So we all know now we find promethean weapons and prometheans before that point in the game. So did they just create that just for E3?
  11. [media=] [/media] Shows off pregame lobby footage? New map name, Haven.
  12. VJR117

    E3 Halo 4

    Vist my u tube page for E3 halo videos ps for more halo info go to my facebook page
  13. Alright, firstly, here's the video. http://e3.gamespot.c...-and-stage-demo The weapons that are confirmed by this video are as follows, but are of course subject to change by the time the game comes out. There also appears to be NO BLOOM in the demo. The Battle Rifle: The 3-shot burst human precision weapon is the first weapon seen in the trailer. I think a lot of us are happy it's back. It carries 36 rounds per magazine. The Assault Rifle: This makes a come-back as well as the human medium-short range assault weapon. This is actually Master Chief's favorite weapon. It carries 32 rounds per magazine. The Plasma Pistol: Seen being held by the grunts and a jackal. Was not fired. The Carbine: Seen held by an elite. Was not fired. The Energy Sword: Also seen held by an elite shortly before he was vaporized. Was not used. Fragmentation Grenade and Plasma Grenade: It looks like you'll be able to hold 4 of each grenade, judging by the amount of grenades Chief starts with in the stage demo. You can see the grenades counter in the top left of the HUD. Sprint: Master Chief sprints in the video, but we don't see a meter running down. Does this mean sprint is unlimited? Or is it just for the demo? Lightrifle: A forerunner weapon. It appears to be a precision weapon, similar to the Battle Rifle and the Carbine. It carries 15 shots per magazine, like the DMR. It seems to do more damage than a DMR though, one shotting some of the smaller enemies. It may be that they were "headshots" or that that enemy is weak against it. It also has a zoom feature. Scattershot: This is a forerunner weapon. It appears to be close-medium range weapon. It looks similar to the shotgun, with 5 rounds per magazine. It also acts like the shotgun when fired as well, appearing to be best suited for close to medium range combat. Forerunner Vision: This appears to be a cross between heat vision and X-Ray vision. Enemies appear in red. No friendlies were seen in the video so it's possible that they may appear a different color, or not appear at all. Banshee: Seen early on in the demo. Not clear as to the mechanics yet. Phantom: Also seen early on in the demo. Probably not drive-able, but who knows? More will be added when more comes to light.
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