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  1. THX For the help on assassinations (did i spell that right? XD) i rlly didn't know how to do them thx ~TJ
  2. Looks amazing, Really looking forward to showing this to my friends.
  3. tjdudegaming


    Hola! XD my name is tim! I am not new to Halo but i am new to this thing-a-ma-jig xD. So i just wanna introduce myself like everyone else! Ok so i am a decent player and i am not in a clan... YET. I do youtube but i dont have any Halo content up yet.. If you wanna see it,here it is www.youtube.com/user/timmygamerhd okeee! I think thats all i can say, but i do wanna ask a question if any of you know the answer , will halo 5 be on the xbox 360? or is it next gen only? Okee BYE!
  4. Meh, I'm not really interested in most COD games but i think this one has got a lot of hype to it. I am thinking if getting it when it comes out.
  5. Interesting. I am not really interested in the COD series but i think this new game will be my first COD game.
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