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  1. HOW CAN I FORGET ABOUT SGT JOHNSON?! Still not the best in my opinion, but he definitely should have been mentioned!
  2. I have not written in quite a while, however, something has grabbed my attention. Some leaked footage from Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been put on the internet, and it was an added cutscene to the Halo 2 Level, Heretic, to bridge the gaps from the Halo 2 storyline to that of Halo 5: Guardians. It appears to take place in a Lynch. Trust is brought up, and the Arbiter tells Locke that he must earn his trust. Arbiter clarifies that Locke is a spartan hunting other spartans. Locke corrects him by telling him that he hunts "The Spartan." It is fairly obvious that he is referring to our beloved Chief. Two things that I caught my attention: 1. There appears to be other spartans with Locke. One of the spartan's armor looks very similar to that of Locke, however, the details are red rather than blue. My guess: these guys are spec. ops. 2. Saving the best for the last. In a holographic display is what appears to be what was seen in the Halo 5: Guardians trailer back at E3. This brings a few questions to mind. Does the Arbiter know where Chief is? Does the Arbiter know what that thing is? A little bit off topic, but may be important: where is this conversation taking place? Sangheilios (most likely place)? The Ark? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, and if you need to see the video check it out here: https://vid.me/GJg Proxi 9 out!
  3. There is zero doubt that he would have died in Halo 4, I was talking about after the events of Escalation.
  4. Going off of what P34nut said, Valhalla and Ragnarok are also references to Norse mythology.
  5. This is a different 30 Day Challenge. I'm sorry, I should have been more specific XD
  6. I remember a while back HaloFollower did a video on a symbolic reference to the 4 Horseman and his theory about it. (http://youtu.be/LoX3q6LUSK4) Symbolism does not always have to be an allusion to mythology or religion. Because of this, symbolism exists in almost every scene. If you are interested in this kind of symbolism, check out this analysis: http://haruspis.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/halo-4-level-by-level-analysis-prologue/. However, if you are looking for some religious allusions or symbolism, you can also check out that link because it talks about that, and I can bring up a few things. One thing that really sticks out to me is the constant references to fire. The Ur-Didact references this in Halo 4 (check out Haruspis's analysis of "Shutdown" and he will talk about everything I will in more depth), Halsey talks about the Promethan Knights and fire in Spartan Ops. Mendicant Bias and the Primordial also talk about fire. In all of these cases, fire is a symbol for the Mantle. And I am going to explain to you my theory as to why the Prometheans are called what they are. In Greek mythology, Prometheus took fire from the titans and brought it to the gods. How does this apply to the Prometheans? The Forerunners, more specifically the Warrior-Servants, attacked and would eventually kill the Precursors because of the Mantle. The Mantle is fire, the Forerunners are the gods, and the Precursors are the titans (because they created the universe, life, the Mantle, ect.). I think that the reason the high ranking Warrior-Servants are called Prometheans is because (I'm going to reference the Gravemind here :3) it is a monument to their sins. The Promethean Knights in Halo 4 were merely called Prometheans because the original Knights were the Didact's Prometheans who volunteered to be Composed. There is a lot more symbolism, I just found this particular piece of symbolism to be very intriguing and so I decided to only talk about this one.
  7. I've made it to the fourth day in the 30 Day Halo Challenge. The topic of the fourth day is one's favorite weapon. One of the great things about Halo, I think, is its weapon balance. What I mean by this is that there are many weapons, each unique in its own way. This is something many first person shooters lack. Each weapon in Halo is different and is used differently, which brings a whole new level to competitive gameplay. When I think about the best weapon, I do not think about which is the most destructive, or the coolest looking, or the most entertaining. I look for something that can be used in every situation and on every enemy type, either player or AI. So, with those things considered, I'd say the Battle Rifle is the most effective at everything, and what I mean by that is that it's well rounded. You can use it on practically anything, and (at least in campaign) ammo can be found quite often. A weapon that is almost as good as the BR is the Sniper Rifle. Slightly harder to aim with, however, it can take out players and some campaign enemies in one shot. It also has much better range than the BR. It's a fun weapon to use, and when I see one, I dash for it. However, that is its downfall. It's a somewhat rare weapon, at least compared to the BR, and ammo is usually scarce. Also, in campaign, I would hate to use the sniper rifle on smaller enemies such as grunts or crawlers. If ammo was infinite, this would probably be my favorite weapon. So, the best overall weapon combo, in my opinion, is the Battle Rifle backed up with a Sniper Rifle. This is not the best in all cases, however, it is for general use. All in all, the Battle Rifle is my favorite weapon because it is the most practical and effective in general cases, and the Sniper Rifle is close behind in second place.
  8. I actually think that the stuff they have added into gameplay has made the game tremendously better, however, it has been getting away from that Arena Style gameplay from Halo 2. On the bright side, H5G's multiplayer will be very similar to Halo 2's, just with more stuff. I am really excited to here about this, because Halo 2 probably had the best multiplayer gameplay, just with outdated weapons and graphics.
  9. I really think they will flesh that out. The Primoridial's prohpecy pretty much said that the Flood would return and humanity will rise and stuff like that. Plus, 343i has done a pretty good job bringing aspects from the books into the game.
  10. I actually didn't know I could do that. I just pasted the link and put it in parenthesis XD
  11. As some of you guys may have noticed, Halo Waypoint has been down the last few days. However, Halo Follower just released a new video showing the new and improved Waypoint. Also, it's up right now, so go take a look! There are plenty of new and awesome features they've added. Let me know what you think!
  12. Yes, I would love to see more of those characters! Definitely the Gravemind, there's almost no doubt about that. As for Jul, I think we're just getting started with him. And Takanuva?!
  13. So we know of a few characters that will definitely be returning in H5G. Obviously John, also Jameson Locke, Thel 'Vadam, and in some form the Didact (pretty sure that 343i was referring to the Ur-Didact in the XBox Magazine, but you never know). Lasky will probably return, however, we are not 100% sure about that. What characters would you like to see return? I think that I would like for Blue team to show up somewhere, and that is highly likely because Fred's armor was seen in the Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer trailer. I'll make another post about Blue team, I have quite a few things to say about them. Also, I'm hoping for Chakas to appear sometime soon. Anyway, please comment who you want to see (maybe they haven't been in a Halo game yet) and if you want to why you want them to appear. See you on the other side!
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