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  1. WHATS UPPPPP!!! Hey listen friends! so.. I LOVE forging.. my issue is... sometimes I feel like i'm the only one.. like seriously.. I want to start a group... or maybe join a group.. idk or maybe just make a friend :,( I love making slayer and objectives maps, but sometime I need that push for someone to help me out and give criticism or help me actually build.. THUS! im starting this thread! if any of you awesome friendly people like to forge as much as I do.. Id like to get a group going! id like this group to make maps for the purpose of Fun, but at the same time make maps that are professionally built for Multiplayer community forged maps.. My GT: v Zealous v and im ready to male a map with some one.. INTERESTED MUCH!? (this is basically a game invite.. as I am forging this very moment...)
  2. Intended for the sun and light to be shining in the rooms that are open without a roof! but a lot of the pieces decided the didn't want to cooperate with the dynamic lighting sadly.. :/ But thanks guys!!
  3. Its much bigger than it looks! Trust Me (:
  4. Generation is a slayer and objective map build on Ravine! Its very competitive, very open and free feeling, and above all loads of fun! Best for 4v4 or 6v6! I get raving reviews on how CTF is played on this map! Give it a download and a like! go play with your friends and any feed back or criticism is more than welcome!!! Game modes playable CTF KOTH FFA Slayer Oddball FFA KOTH Multi Team Slayer File sharehttps://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/v%20zealous%20v/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=e1b05abe-ade6-464e-8d52-618ee6c14887
  5. Id like a select all pieces option.. so that if I wanted to move my entire creation.. I can. haha. all your tools would be sweet to have though.
  6. Comment GT bellow let me know if you would like to join! Tomorrow August 22nd 3:00pm Pacific time! testing Slayer/Objective map I made called "Kudar"
  7. Tomorrow at 3:00pm Pacific time. Ill be testing one of my recent slayer/objective maps! Comment your GT if you would like to join and give feedback! Playing CTF, KOTH, FFA, and good o'l fashioned slayer! Will start inviting tomorrow!
  8. Id like the pieces to be smoother.. some of the ones in halo 4 are just to bumpy and create openings that you would not want in a sealed room.. if that makes sense.. and I want the race game mode back. (:
  9. So for all my forgers out there! I was not incredibly impressed with Halo 4's Forge. So if forge is confirmed in Halo 5. what changes would you like to see? I would personally like to see, Larger forge worlds Pieces are smooth and not bumpy like the ones in halo 4 The dynamic lighting is perfected and not glitched Precision Forge to return New pieces would be nice..
  10. Hello! im Zealous.. um.. yeah... I'm a forger.. Mostly Competitive maps.... Um.. How does one use the shout box? Anyways...yeah Hi!! XD GT: v Zealous v
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