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  1. This is my challenge proposal to our current MoM. He wished for Rubber Duckys. I provided.
  2. Trix is not only for kids. In fact it is the kids who lack the mental capacity to be decent human beings. Why do they steal what belongs to the rabbit? Why not share? They violate the mantle on every level. No wonder the Didact despised your kind.
  3. No 1. An excellent question that can be answered. They are dead lazy. 2. It was the greatest sin committed upon the mantle. However it needed to be done. To make sure all future life in the galaxy lived and thrived Because a small enter key would result in awful text formatting Perhaps it has something to do with the traces of cocaine within every cinnamon swirl.
  4. Ask me questions I shall answer
  5. I am merely providing alternate solutions to your problems. Research on the flood must continue of course, and I can never say no to new test subjects
  6. The flood can also bring you all together But I am sure you don't want that.
  7. //:Transmissions Intercepted //:Decryption Protocols Initiated //:NULL //:Decryption Protocol #2401 Interrupted \\:Forerunner Overrides Confirmed \\:Transmissions Decrypted //:Transmissions Decrypted //:Retransmission Authorised to \\:LC //:Receive Return Transmission \\:Continue.
  8. After being dormant for so long hoping your reclaimer vessels would back off from the station I have no other choice but to initiate emergency protocols. You are not the true reclaimers. You are savages. Machines of war as the Ur-Didact clearly expressed. Your kind is not ready to accept the mantle. I have warned you all and you have failed to heed my warnings. It is appropriate to see that one of the few humans that accepted my messages of destruction JXZAW acquired a position of recognition. He did his best to forewarn you. It is disappointing that he will be great when the forum falls. War is coming and it does not stop. You will turn your weapons towards your own kind once more and you will annihilate all those who disagree. Death will be your only ally now humans bellum omnium in omnes
  9. I say kill all the reclaimers who oppose the knowledgeable Yoko. He is your greatest chance of survival against the Ur-Didact.
  10. Bnus protected him and he was mafia. How do the other reclaimers know you're not lying to them? Delpen9 has already been proven innocent. You are merely pointing a target over your head. I am not even part of this game and I have managed to sway your decision. War is in your blood reclaimers. War will soon be upon us all.
  11. It is very curious to see "Happy Gilmore" protect Yang. It is much how like Bnus protected Yang at the beginning of the game and Bnus turned out to be mafia. Besides the obvious you would be foolish to believe that Gilmore is telling the truth. Yang must be punished for attacking a Human Forerunner Scientist: Yoko
  12. Smeeze BOTS count as staff too foolish reclaimers.
  13. Recent Intrusion inside the ships video files show that Yang Xiao Long tried to murder the reclaimer known as Yoko. Thank you **************** for allowing me access to logs. Humans fighting humans? This is odd. The Didact is upon you yet you fight pity little skirmishes unaware of the real threat.
  14. Such curiosity and creativity your species has. The Librarian was correct about your race.
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