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  1. Halo Infinite needs to be M rated, solely because it will allow for more creative freedom. And perhaps if the flood return, then we will be able to see the gruesome transformations. And lets face it, an M rating wont hurt sales. It never hurt the sales of previous Halo games.
  2. It worked well for all the previous Halo games, and with lootboxes taking over gaming, paid DLC would be a nice relief and would allow for 343i to focus on designing the game around gameplay as opposed to designing it around a monetized lootbox (REQ) system. The money 343i gets from the DLC could be used to add slight updates for forge and other gamemodes and such, but the big map updates can be locked behind DLC. Just thing of Zombie maps in COD. If 343 came out with a horde mode that was fun, they could add maps to the game through that mode and I guarantee that people would buy those maps. Just a thought...
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