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  1. I almost forgotten the password to this account. Whew, glad I didn't.

    1. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Phew, would have been torturous 

  2. I'd love for Halo to be thriving with lots and lots of players, so I'm really hoping Infinite does well in regards to that.
  3. My baby is about to experience her first Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. 🙂

  4. Thread for feedback and wishes regarding Halo Infinite, For speculation I think Master Chef will finally stop Cortana and hopefully bring her back to her senses, find Dr Halsey and reconstruct her. For my particular wishes: Playable Elites, Flood, Firefight Classic, Classic Movement, Dynamic Weather Variation, Expanded Forge (Like Halo 5)
  5. Recently been taking up new hobbies, tried skateboarding and fell on my butt. Hobby 1 failed.

  6. What if I revived this thread?
  7. Hello everyone, been on a hiatus since late 2019, computer died and lots of things going on in my life that responsibilities kinda took over. Decided to see how the old forums are going. (I love the new mobile look, it's very sleek and easy to use) Anyway! How have you guys been? It's been quite a while!
  8. I clicked the link like a fool realizing this was posted on April 1st, well played. I was about to say, "Lolz no way Microsoft would play ball with Sony" Sony is like that kid in the school yard that was lonely because he chooses to be and misses out on all the fun things with friends. Meanwhile Microsoft and Nintendo are chilling out at the basketball court, Nintendo likes Microsoft and they are now friends.
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