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  1. As Victory Element mentioned above ^ there ****SPOILER AHEAD**** The Flood are actually a form of Precursor. I believe that the Flood are still out there. As for what Seeker of Truth was asking in his first post The Flood in a sense were not trying to "cause war". The Flood want to assimilate every living organism and thus cause the "next step to evolution". That's why Mendicant Bias betrayed the Forerunners because he was convinced by the Gravemind that the Forerunners were delaying biological progress. The Flood actually want to achieve peace but their means to achieve that peace is pretty twisted. Actually almost every faction's means to achieve peace is twisted in its own way.
  2. @Victory Element I was just throwing a thought out there. I like to do serious stuff too. One of the reasons I love the Halo universe so much is because of the amount of effort and time put into crafting its story arc. Halo is full of allegory and symbolism that causes one to think deep about real issues. I could talk for hours and hours about the deeper meanings within Halo that have been artistically woven into its fabric to create a tale that isn't just entertaining but also mind blowing. You see I never bought the games for the multiplayer. Halo sticks out from the crowd because it isn't just about getting millions of young adult men to experience an adrenaline rush from simulated combat. I find it interesting that as popular as Halo is it doesn't get as much attention as COD. I think in a sense that's a good thing. Halo generally appeals to the select group of fans that have been there since CE (not all I admit). Halo fans Believe in a Hero. The most important ideal of Halo is that we "need a hero" because oftentimes we find ourselves helpless when facing impossible odds. Master Chief petty officer John 117 is that embodiment of service and self-sacrifice that humanity needs at those critical life-or-death moments. A powerful picture of that is when John chose to detonate the nuke and save humanity despite the fact that that would mean sacrificing himself and Cortana (the only person/woman/thing he felt close to and loved). I like to write funny pieces because they're relatively easy and light-hearted. Sometimes I draw little comic strips for fun. What I'm trying to say though is that I do like to be serious but being serious is straining. I've had an idea for creating a universe that's taken me months just to write the outline for (and I'm still not done). On top of that I've got to worry about college and I'm in the process of finding a part-time job. Anyway my advice is to just start writing. Keeping clicking away at those keys because becoming a good writer is a labor of love.
  3. I would say go for it! If you want to be an author then write as much as you can. However, fan-fiction at least to me is a little bit difficult. I say that because you have to build on top of what's already been written. You could never really feel like it's your own creation in my opinion. I personally would love to be a part of creating the Halo universe even if it wasn't entirely my idea. I'd definitely follow your work. I like to write as well (I haven't done much and don't write as often as I want to). Maybe we can exchange ideas? I've always wanted to write some fiction about the grunts. There could be a million hilarious stories told about grunts! My suggestion would be to maybe create a fictional character that doesn't necessarily have a huge impact on the canonical arc. In that way you could have huge creative license to write what you want without having to ask if it fits or not. I'd be interested in writing a piece on what it would be like for an average Sangheili to take a trip to a 7 Eleven (post-war of course) and experience his first brain-freeze after trying with difficulty to slurp down a slushee.
  4. I recently went through all the episodes. I just wish that it does get brought back! I believe the show should maybe have been geared towards 13-25 year olds rather than 9-12. I remember most of my old elementary class mates had no idea what IZ was. The show is so strange but in a cool way. It's immature and insane but cute at the same time. As for the similarities the Irken may share with the Covenant I bet one of the artists may have been watching the show and been like "Hey purple is a pretty sweet color and those insect-shapes are cool too!". I'm not saying that either side ripped off ideas but if there is any correlation I bet it might've been a secret "nod" to the show. I feel weird being considered old now. I asked a kid this summer what Pokémon game he first played and he was like "Pokémon: White". Wow. Here I am 21 having played almost all of the first generation games. I don't know what all this "new" stuff is. I've gotten to the point where I hate all the current music on the radio. Believe it or not there is currently an attempt to revive the show. This attempt needs more traction because so few actually know of IZ. The user goes by the name of Soapy Waffles on YouTube. That's perfectly alright. Most of the people of my generation (early 90's) didn't even know what IZ was. I do have to say that it probably isn't for everybody. It might be disturbing to some viewers. A lot of the show deals with "dark" humor. I think that IZ probably isn't for "impressionable" audiences. Thanks for the compliment! I just thought about this correlation about a week ago. Honestly the connection seemed vague but possible. My favorite memories are from early to mid-childhood. Everything seemed so easier before having to actually look for a job and consider my financial future. I definitely appreciated the 90's and early 2000's because it was period of relative peace in America and economic prosperity caused by the Dotcom bubble. I hope to raise my future family in similar conditions but that depends on the choices our generation makes now.
  5. To truly appreciate being an American, I believe one would have to live outside of America for some time. I haven't had the opportunity. Honestly I think that the idea that we're invincible is completely false. Empires come and go. What makes America different from Rome is the heart of the people. I love my country. I love the fact that I can protest my leaders if I wish. Many people I think have the false idea that "We're all Created Equal". That is a noble saying but I believe the truth is "We're all created with an equally blank slate". Many are born into poverty. Many are born with disabilities. A few are born well-off. Despite where you're born or to whom you have the chance to do with your life as you wish. One can waste life away doing nothing, serve others, or be self-serving. In America a person is afforded the opportunity to achieve a higher status. The government gives it's citizens the freedom to worship as they see fit (or not). I believe that people should have that choice. America does have a violent past. There were a lot of wrongs as you pointed out. Vietnam wasn't very well thought out and slavery was/is unacceptable. The solution isn't in politics. Our Congress/Senate can pass laws all day but that doesn't mean that it will change anything. We as Americans (to Americans I speak) have to come to the realization that the future of our country rests in our hands. Our decisions are critical. What we choose to support is an indicator of where our hearts are at. The American Dream is shallow dream in the context of this entire tapestry we call human history. Life isn't all about the house with the white-picket fence, the perfect family, the perfect job, and the perfect car. Deep inside the human heart is a constant yearning for "something more". A poor farmer can have nothing but everything with joy in his heart. Don't get me wrong, the American Dream isn't a bad thing. What I'm saying is that this dream isn't the "it" thing. Is America different from other nations? Yes and no. I would hope that the American people would represent themselves in such a way that others would ask "What makes them great?" If we continue this attitude of pride and pomp we'll be no better than the Romans with their oppressive and crushing might. Lately I see that America has become a laughing stock. We're made fun of because our obesity and temporal consumer culture.
  6. I've been obsessed with the show recently. It brings back all sorts of memories. I wish they could bring it back.... I've been obsessed with the show recently. I wish they would bring it back. I just have so many good memories.
  7. I certainly hope not. I know that Chief will have to die sometime eventually. There are so many unexplored areas of the Halo universe. Didact may not even be alive. He probably is alive but we still don't know for sure (at least I think he's not alive). It may be that humanity ends up becoming the monsters (maybe the saviors?) of the Halo universe. We're given the idea that humans are somehow set apart from the rest of the species in Halo. Inheriting the Mantle drove the Forerunners kill off humanity. Even the Covenant hated mankind because they had been chosen to be the inheritors. One question I'm asking is "What is mankind's role in this entire conflict?" To end the saga with the Chief's death wouldn't do the universe justice. He has to die but don't you wonder why the Chief has been given this great and unseen purpose? Halo goes pretty deep when one peels back all of the meaning and symbolism in it. I study symbolism in books and video games. Halo isn't just for entertainment. Halo is a story I've fallen in love with because it isn't just about shooting and killing. Just thought I'd give some thoughts!
  8. Maybe I'm fishing in the wrong crowd. Not very many people know/knew about IZ. I do recommend anyone reading this post to at least watch it once. I found the show to be hilarious. Invader Zim is strange and may not be for everyone.
  9. I doubt that anyone remembers a little cartoon show called Invader Zim? It's about an alien called Zim who took part in the Irken Empire's Operation Impending Doom but screwed everything up and was banished to Foodcourtia to serve out his days working in fast food. Zim shows up at the gathering for Operation Impending Doom 2 to the dismay of his leaders "The Tallest". In order to get rid of Zim The Tallest send him to an unexplored part of the galaxy. Zim actually finds Earth by accident and tries to destroy the humans but is very unsuccessful at it. The show ran for 2 seasons on Nickelodeon between March 30th 2001-December 2002. After examining the Irken in the show Invader Zim and The Covenant of Halo I noticed that the architecture and color patterns of their structures were very similar. The Irken use a lot of pink-purple designs as do/did The Covenant. Strange enough, Invader Zim premiered only 9 months before the release of Halo: CE. Might there have been any influences that the show had on The Covenant's concept and design? Maybe coincidence?
  10. I believe that Destiny is going to be an AMAZING game. For me I just hope that the story blows my mind. As big as the game sounds my expectation is that Destiny will set a new standard for video game story-telling. I want to see an epic. I want to laugh and cry. Make me feel like this universe is worth sinking my time into! I don't want a Halo clone (not that Halo isn't AWESOME because it is) or a C.O.D. experience where everyone just plays to get that adrenaline rush. If this game can make the players actually think "WOW this is some deep stuff..." I'll see it as a success.
  11. Sometimes it does stink but you know I'm doing alright. I can have joy in my life and not have to depend on the approval of others. There are so many beautiful women in the world. The problem isn't finding someone you'll be physically attracted to (who likes you back) but finding someone who has a beautiful heart. I love it when I see a woman who clearly has compassion for others. I've never seen Angel Beats but I believe my struggle is quite common. Every time I turn the radio on all I hear is stuff about love and heartbreak. It makes me sick to hear the same message over and over. I want to hear music that talks about the real issues. Let's stop focusing on temporal feelings and start looking ahead. We're young and we got plenty of time to find love. In the meantime lets focus on what we can do to make things better.
  12. Interesting thoughts. I definitely would like to see how everything plays out. I'm particularly interested in actually seeing a Precursor. After reading the books I thought that the Precursors looked kind of freaky (in a good sci-fi kind of way). I thought that the Forerunners inherited the Mantle from the Precursors and then selected the humans to be next? Did I miss something in Silentium or Thursday War (I haven't read them yet please no spoilers). I would've read them sooner but being a poor college student I'm kind of limited financially at the moment.
  13. S.R.R. was a classic. Thanks for the welcomes. I always have more to say in text than verbal communication. I'm quiet but my mind is always so full.
  14. I think I've some insight for you Sιlεƞτ Ɖɛsтιƞʏ (or anyone reading this). Ever since I was in 6th grade I had this crush on this one girl. I never talked to her and one point tried asking her out through a friend. She said yes but changed her mind and said that I had to ask her to her face. I chickened out. Fast-forward to my senior year and I actually started talking to her. We became friends and would spend a lot of time together. I'd always be there for her in the good times and bad. I got around to telling her how I felt. She gave me mixed answers and ended up dating another guy the next month. We didn't speak for a long time and I tried texting her but never got a response. Eventually I got word that she had been talking behind my back calling me weird to her friends and it devastated me because I trusted her and knew some dark stuff about her that I would never say to anyone. My grades bombed that semester. My gpa dropped from a 3.75 to a 3.42 and I'm still trying to build that back up. Honestly all I wanted to hear (and still hear from her) was "Sorry" but not out of pride. I felt betrayed and broken-hearted. This happened right at the time my brother died and I so wanted to hear something comforting from her. Let me get this straight for the record. I'm not trying to make her look bad. I just wish she would've given a straight answer. I wanted to know that she cared. Here's my point: you can take chances but don't put all your heart into a person unless they can say with certainty that they want you in their life. More importantly if its a girlfriend you're after I suggest you wait at least until you're out of high school. Do well in class. Go to college and get your degree. Find something that you love to do and make it a career. If you want a relationship that is more fulfilling it's best that you have everything "together" with yourself. Don't be afraid to talk to girls. Just remember that a friend doesn't always translate to "girlfriend". Be yourself but don't put all your hope into one girl. I guarantee you that there is a lady out there for you and when you find her your expectations will be shattered (in a good way). My advice for a future wife is that you find someone who complements (adds to) you in that you help each other out. Don't let regret rule over you. Keep moving forward because there is so much more to life than the here-and-now. Hope that this helped.
  15. Even the evil guys (in their own minds) think that they're doing the right thing. When facing extinction all options could become viable. I'm still playing through Spartan Ops and Halsey would be one of those gray areas. I personally think that she had to do what she had to do to keep an edge over The Covenant. Even The Flood believe that consuming all life will bring peace. I guess my question is when do we turn back? If one keeps going down the rabbit hole we eventually find that those qualities that made us human start to slowly disappear. In the story it is mentioned (somewhere I think) that humanity was growing so powerful that they began to become a threat to the stability of the universe. Some Forerunners felt that they needed to be stopped. We're also told that humanity was fighting a front with The Flood and therefore the hostilities towards the Forerunners (and other beings) was justified. At what point will mankind become the bullies? Should there be checks on power? Just some food for thought. Great discussion!
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