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  1. Brute cheiftan 8 brute squads rest any
  2. On halo 4 I've decided to remake forge maps such as: Blood Gulch called Blood Canyon, Chiron TL-34 (The hardest) called Portal Matrix, Countdown called Cutdown and The Cage called Space Cage.
  3. Hey did anyone ever go on forge on halo 4 and notice the lack of maps like blood gulch or the cage? and who made remakes
  4. The gravity rifle cut from halo ce
  5. I would add: a gravity reversing grenade, a laser rifle that vaporizes on head shots, an EMP grenade that shuts down vehicles, a new warthog turret that shoots armor piercing rounds and a gauss rifle like the sniper rifle
  6. I've got halo legends too my favorite bit is the duel
  7. my favorite vehicles have to be: 5. Ghost 4. Banshee 3. Broadsword 2. Pelican And 1... Gauss hog is the best vehicle ever... of all time
  8. looks like the cage from reach also I just remade it, with new additions, on forge island in halo 4 but the stigs is better, i'm gonna work on it by the way i called it the space cage
  9. Yeah and asda made a mistake and I got it for free Plus that was the day I downloaded the crimson map pack and forge islands
  10. If a single flood spore attacked a storm covie ship, it could cause a lot of damage. The arbiter has to make an appearance in halo 5 as playing as clones of the chief gets boring
  11. I bought the DVD a few weeks ago from asda and it's awesome. Has anyone else got it? Also what do you think about it?
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