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  1. What should have been said by Kakashi in his original response is that this is not an official 343 website. Just a fan made community forum. That being said, we have no control over what maps or gun rotations are available within the game.
  2. Hi fred_bears, welcome to the site! As for languages, we do not know what, if any, other languages are going to be included in any game. This isn't an official site for 343 Industries or Halo, just a community fan site. As for Installation 01, that is completely up to the guys developing it.
  3. You have to take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I do not own nor have I played Halo 5. I might some day, but as of right now I still have no desire to own an Xbox One. That disclaimer out of the way, my friends that do play it seem to enjoy it, but they I feel might be jaded by their love of the franchise. I have not looked at any numbers for 5, but it seems since Halo 3, the active players have been dwindling at a slow pace, ever since Bungie left the franchise. Can it recover? I think that it might be possible, but as I write this I am 32, and have been a part of Halo for 16 years now. The old guard have become adults with lives to live, lives that sometimes interfere with video games. With that in mind, they have to find a way to bring on a new generation of players, players who have grown up with a new shooter game every other month it seems. They need something fresh and new to make Halo stand out above the plethora of other games to choose from. That is how they recover, but it might also be how they kill themselves. By abandoning the old guard, those who have been faithful to the game for so many years. Just my two cents.
  4. Actually the XBox had a head start in the UK. It was released on the 22nd, where as the PS4 didn't get released until the 29th in the UK. Fastest selling console or not, what will the sales figures be after the holiday, I wonder?
  5. Wanting to occupy or not, speaking with a fairly logical mind if they had the capability to bombard from space they absolutely would. Take out any military installation standing in your way without setting foot planetside, then invade once you are guaranteed as little resistance as possible. Sure, there will still be pockets of it, but the goal is to make things as easy for yourself as possible, and bombardment from space is the easiest way to handle that situation before occupation would even begin.
  6. While I don't disagree with you on the whole, Choot, I do have something that I wish to add to this discussion about what the consumer wants. Whether we as consumers want this product or not does not matter at this point. It is a part of the console, it functions with the console, and that is the end of the debate. You may wish to purchase the PS4 because of this, because MS is trying to "force this upon you" but the fact remains it is now simply a part of the XBox experience, and if you really want to stick with the XBox then you are getting the Kinect, period. The way I look at this it is no more than most other companies attempt to do. If I purchased a Dell, do I get just a computer with the essential tools I need, or do I get a ton of bloatware included with the computer? I get the latter, whether I want it or not. They are essentially forcing it upon me. Granted, I can then go and remove all of this stuff, but the point remains the same. Same goes with any other major PC retailer (not including something like ibuypower or cyberpowerpc). I don't want a 3D TV, yet if I were to go out and purchase a new TV today, chances are most of the TV's available for sale are 3D capable, whether I want the feature or not, and shortly into the future it won't be "most", it will be all. With any new generation of hardware (gaming or otherwise) new features will be added that we as consumers will not always want. Yet in the end, most people will accept the fact that they are included and will purchase the product anyway. Maybe not immediately, but if it is something we really want, then we will break down and get it. The next time I do have to purchase a new TV, I'm already aware that it will be 3D capable, even though I don't want the feature. It is there, it is included, and that is the bottom line, there is nothing I can do about it. The XBox hardware has evolved, and now it includes a feature that most true gamers don't want. It is a sad part of life, but in the end there is nothing we can really do about it. Do I agree with MS's decision to include the Kinect? No. Do I want it? Not really, even though I already own the Kinect for the 360, it rarely ever gets used and was a wasted purchase. They are not "making" anyone purchase the Kinect. As far as they are concerned it is just another piece of the XBox One, and not a separate entity like it currently is. The problem with this line of thinking though, is the Kinect as everyone currently knows it was a stand alone item, and that is the mindset that people need to move away from, and this is where all of the negativity is coming from. It is not a stand alone item anymore, but an integrated part of the hardware. Total's logic here is fairly sound. Purchasing a console for $500 is better, in my mind, then them saying "Here, purchase this new console for $400, but you can't use it unless you purchase this other product for an additional $150." When the original Kinect was first shown, I knew at that time that this was going to be a part of the next generation of consoles. How could it not be? With the way MS is, they tend to not develop something only to have it be an "optional" item the next time around. I know I can't be the only person who realized this back in 2009.
  7. Now I want to go home and play some Kotor....
  8. I ♥ me some HK47. For a while on Reach, my friends service tag was HK47. So instead of having them be the same, I decided I was going to go HK50. As for old games, I'll occasionally go back and play through some Final Fantasy games, though Kotor is up there, too. And the original Silent Hill.
  9. "Dumb move" - - Yes, I agree, but here is the problem. People complained. People complained loud. "Why are we getting such old games?" Unsurprising in the sense that once again they "listened" to the community, who complained about the games they were giving for free being old? Pretty sure they said the first ones available would be AC2 and Halo 3, but I could be mistaken.
  10. While I don't necessarily disagree, you are 100% right in the fact that time will tell. I think the true answer will be revealed come some time January 2014, when holiday sales numbers start to roll in. But I kinda side tracked this topic, so I'm gonna get it back on track. MS will not release a Halo game on an Apple product. Just like they won't release a Halo game on a Sony product. Halo is MS's baby, and they want to keep it that way. Sure, there are some ports of Halo that have made their way to mac's, but they are in no way official or supported by MS. This kinda harks back to what Choot and I were discussing, sales. Yes, they would sell more if they made the games available for other systems, but then they are hurting their own sales in a sense, too.
  11. Way to go Spades! Though I don't personally know you all that well since we have rarely spoken, it is good to see a member who has done so much for the community become MoM, definitely a good choice.
  12. But we're talking about MS here, the ones who attempted to do this in the first place. I think your friend is correct. Over time, spread out, it will all eventually be slipped back in through updates. But that's just my opinion.
  13. To be fair, Choot, they didn't release Halo 3 on the original XBox, either. Honestly though, you are saying this is a bad business decision, when in reality it is the only decision they could make. Sure, they may make more money off of selling it for the 360 as well, but then they wouldn't have the console sales, and everything that goes along with somebody owning said console, such as buying more games for it. Because lets face it, the 360 won't be supported 5 years down the road, you can almost guarantee it, regardless of what MS might be saying right now.
  14. People tend to exaggerate this a bit. The number of actual Bungie employees that made the switch to 343 isn't as many as people make it out to be. We're talking less than 20 people. Bungie did plan on Halo 3 being the end, unfortunately for them they signed their initial contract stating they'd create 5 games over the course of 10 years with MS, and MS would bail them out. Thus, Halo 3: ODST and Reach. As for the OP, I don't nor can I ever blame Bungie for what they've decided to do. The only reason they walked away from Halo in the first place is because they wanted to create other games, and MS wasn't going to allow that. They wanted to create cross-platform games, and if they had signed another contract with MS (which MS tried to have them do, mind you), they wouldn't have been allowed to do that. We wouldn't be getting Destiny. People also need to remember, Bungie didn't really ever own the rights to Halo once they were saved from bankruptcy by MS. At that point, MS took ownership of just about everything. Bungie wasn't settling in. They were ready to wash their hands with it. To them, Reach was the perfect game. It was everything they had ever wanted to put into a Halo game, they just didn't have the resources to do it before.
  15. Agreed, and just think about this for a moment. Minecraft 360 Edition has had 11 updates already. If each update cost them $40,000, they're looking at $440,000 in costs after their initial release. And they are/were still planning more. Yes, they made a decent amount upfront, but after a certain point, it is going to be cost prohibitive to continue those updates. With this new policy in place, it doesn't matter anymore.
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