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Found 7 results

  1. Who saw it? I did. This one has the most plot holes out of any of these Marvel movies. Still very enjoyable. I would give it like a 7 to 7.5 because of the plot problems. I felt the plot was very predictable, being able to clearly see the Kree were the ones to screw over Carol, and they were the ones controlling her powers with their limiter switch, not the one that gave her the powers. Dr. Lawson/Mar-vel is trying to develop a Light Speed engine so the Skrulls can leave the Milky Way to get away from the Kree. But there is already plenty of factions and races that have FTL drives. Most of Guardians happens in the Andromeda Galaxy, the 1st closest to 'our' galaxy, the Milky Way. Yondu kidnaps Quill from Earth in 1988 and they end up in Andromeda, so there are already ships with the means to get from Galaxy to Galaxy. FTL engines don't appear to be in short supply, so why can't the Skrulls just get a ship that already has one? Also just a note, they only ever say 'Light Speed Engine', not 'Fast Than Light Speed Engine', so at Light Speed it would still take them 2.54 million years just to get to Andromeda. Andromeda also already had a Kree presence, so the Kree themselves have the means to get from Milky Way to Andromeda. How did Dr. Lawson get the Tesseract. Ok, so maybe SHIELD let the USAF/NASA use the Tesseract during their joint Project: Pegasus. That makes sense. But presumably it would still be a highly valued and secured object, even if they didn't quite know what it was. How did Dr.Lawson manage to steal it? Not only that, but it had to of been missing for up to 6 years, where it was just hanging out in Lawson's orbiting Laboratory/Kree Space Cruiser. The Supreme Intelligence. Before Carol meets the AI it is explained that the AI may appear in any form IT chooses. Why would the AI choose to take the form of Dr.Lawson during it's conversation with Carol? Surely if Supreme AI is trying to keep Carol under control they don't want her questioning her past too much. Why would the AI intentionally choose to show up as someone Carol isn't supposed to know? Maybe it was afraid of Carol piecing together her past through the recurring dreams she was having but shouldn't it of instead offered it's own false answers rather than intentionally keeping it a mystery? That would make Carol just look for answers? Carol shoots one hole in the Skrull ship and the whole thing explodes. Must of shot it directly in the C4. Skrulls are on Earth for like 1 day and in that time they naturally are able to not only find information painting SHIELD as an important organization, they also manage to locate, isolate, and take the form of Nick Fury's boss. In less than 24 hours. GG Skrulls, good work. Ronan The Accuser. He is a part of 'the Accusers', so shouldn't he be 'Ronan A Accuser', not 'The Accuser', since there seems to be quite a few of them? Also, he all "We will be back for HER", then proceeds to presumably forget about Captain Marvel for Maybe it was on his TODO. Ronan The Accuser uses Ballistic Missiles to level what looks like entire cities early in the movie as a distraction for Jude Law and his team to extract a Kree Spy. They show one missile leveling a city. Ronan turns up at Earth and proceeds to order all his ships to fire every single missile in a single file line, so they would presumably all land in the same 50m circle? Why not spread out the pay load across a continent? It made it awfully convenient for Captain Marvel to destroy the missiles when they were all fired in a tight clustered single file line. The Tesseract is show to be , but Goose the Flerken manages to eat it and be fine? Also, why was Dr.Lawson keeping Goose as a pet? The Skrulls are shown to be scared of Flerkens so not like it was helping her refugee pals. Jude Law turns up on Earth and finds fake Skrull Captain Marvel. Why did they even leave him behind? Why didn't they just take him (the skrull) into space with them? Not only that but at no time does anyone tell Jude Law where the Laboratory is but then he and his team just appear on it? I guess when it de-cloaked they managed to detect it? Over sight on Talos's part when they don't re-engage cloaking after boarding. Captain Marvel shoots down Jude Law's little space fighter, he crashes, then Ronan The Accuser turns up and fires his missiles in a single fire line straight down. Captain Marvel flies off. When his ship crashes does Jude Law just literally stand there for like 5 minutes while Captain Marvel flies into space? What was he doing? Not like he could watch. He then proceeds to get by Captain Marvel, which was nice. At times the editing seemed to be pretty poor. When Ronan turns up and fires at Earth it just kind of hard cuts to Captain Marvel flying straight up. They don't show her acknowledging the threat. When Fury fights Talos in the records room they showed like 15 guys run in to check the room then some how it is empty for Fury to one on one Talos. Things I like. The whole 'First Female led what ever' thing wasn't ever played up. It didn't feel like there was any real behind the scenes political message, it was just a cool story that happened to be revolving around a female. Not, "eww, men, amirite". Some legit laughs. Old computers, Block Buster, incompetent Kree tech. In fact, the Skrull in general were pretty good.
  2. Well, Halo 5: Guardians has been out for a week now, and since the blanket ban on spoilers has now expired, let's have a discussion on defeating the newest antagonist of the series: the Warden Eternal. So, first things first. The Warden has three main attacks: a heavy melee charge, a yellow, fast-moving projectile, and a purple, slow-moving projectile. The heavy melee charge is interesting in that the blade doesn't actually have to hit you in order to inflict damage: instead, you just need to make contact with any part of the Warden's body while the animation is in progress, meaning that even trying to move to his left side doesn't guarantee your safety. However, it is possible to dodge this attack with the thruster pack, even if it does seem to be a little luck-based at times. Your best bet is to try and use the geometry of the level to your advantage, moving around an obstruction rather than just trying to evade in the open. The warden's first ranged attack can be cast even while he's moving, meaning that you won't be able to just try and run away from him if he's chasing you down with his melee. However, it only ever moves in a straight line and while the projectile moves extremely quickly it ultimately does have a travel time, meaning that with quick reflexes and a thruster pack, it's possible to dodge it. Lastly, the warden can summon a large purple orb, which he then casts at the player. Although quite slow-moving, this attack does home in on the player, and so is almost impossible to dodge conventionally: worse, it also deals a huge amount of AoE damage which, unlike most explosions, is capable of injuring players even through cover. Since the projectile always tries to move directly toward the player, regardless of sightlines, it's possible to avoid this by simply putting something solid between yourself and it and standing well back, as it will harmlessly impact the obstruction instead of trying to go around it. Next, the Warden has an extremely large pool of health, and is only susceptible to damage in certain areas - most prominently, the large glowing region on his back, as your AI teammates will be quick to let you know. What they do not let you know, however, is that the good old fashioned headshot still works! Though he cannot be instantly killed by headshots as with most enemies, shooting him in the head does deal damage (though, I believe, at a reduced amount) and can potentially stagger him, allowing you to get around to his back and attack his main weak spot directly. And yes, it is possible to assassinate the Warden with a melee, although this can only be done once he has already been seriously injured. So, with all the above in mind - what are your strategies for engaging the new Warden bosses when they appear throughout the campaign?
  3. Towards the end team orisi and the arbiter make an final attack against the covernant forces and team blue finish off the survivors will they still be the enemy in future games
  4. What do you think? Should she return, perhaps reset, or another AI emulating her? Or a new AI entirely, no AI partner a all, etc. Personally, I feel he should go it alone, but with heavy emphasis on his emotional response to the sense of being alone. You know, sort of how Isaac in Dead Space 2 was constantly being haunted by the passing of his earlier love interest, though not as literal, and not as frightening. What I speak of is also similar to the build up toward finding Cortana in Halo 3, where she would be flashed at you then and again, speaking to you, as if apart of her was still in you. And after all of this build up, she returns at either the end of five or at the end of six, with a follow up game to the Saga, like how Reach was a prequel, Halo (for lack of a better term) 7 would be the epilogue, with the story being centered around John and Cortana. Well that is my idea. What is yours?
  5. I've played all the Halo games and this one was so much more emotional than the other ones. I've been looking for threads discussing the ending, with Cortana sacrificing herself for Master Chief... and I'm really curious if she's gone forever, or if she will show up in another part of the trilogy. It was pretty obvious this was going to happen in the end, but it upset me nontheless. So what do you think? Will she come back in Halo 5 or Halo 6? Will Halsey make another Cortana unit? Will John get a new AI? I'm curious to know what other people are thinking.
  6. What did you think of it? Issues with the canon? Characters? Favorite Part? Whatever you want. I haven't personally purchased it yet because for some reason I thought it came out on the 28th so when I heard it came out 2 days ago, I kicked myself. I'll add my thoughts later.
  7. I am reserving this Topic for anything spoilertalk about the Halo 4 GTTV show that was on thursday night at 11:00PM WARNING: SPOILERS AFTER THIS SENTENCE!!! sorry for all of the spoilers and a mess i just left above me, hope you enjoyed this : )
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