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  1. Hsg you need to loosen up train with a gun or 2 you need to get use to the battlefield
  2. pretty good I looks like a maze world but I am sure you already had that in mind
  3. I try to get better but the ideas I come up with are coplicated something always goes wrong with a base I make I made one with the help of my brother A.K.A yep you guessed it blueboy 409 helped with one to make it successful but I let him keep it was more of his work than mine
  4. this is a really cool looking map nice job
  5. forging is a hard skill to master I know how that feels I am very good at forging but not as good as my brothers instead of forging I think its easier to put a bullet through peoples heads in matchmaking
  6. feh squad fights ey hmph looks like I will have to get my sniping on
  7. well it went to someone who deserved it congrats
  8. (sigh) I wish I could join oh well you guys enjoy your time while I fix my crap internet maybe I will catch you guys next time
  9. or I just thought of this countering for assassinations and so on
  10. this is a list of stuff 343 should bring back the incineration and spike grenades as well as let you to use the fuel rod shades and other vehicles you were able to drive or use in previous campaigns able to be put inside of worlds or forge and speaking of forge let there be alot more forge maps in the new halo 5 fell free to write about what should be added or changed
  11. what if they have a different assasination for each weapon
  12. that maybe true but they are still pretty good Ideas besides what if they had you do a firefight in forge worlds like you choose where you spawn the phantoms spawn or what if they added prometheans as the final round instead of elite generals brute chieftans etc
  13. those are some pretty AWSOME IDEAS
  14. hmm I see what you mean on that one
  15. what this game really needs is more of a cinematic assassination and a different assassination depending on your weapon bring up new challenge rounds that have you together fighting forerunner or somethin maybe to stop and incoming missle attack from the covey another coool idea is to weaken it first but let people in multiplayer able to drive phantome and the other ships or space battles when your in space and fight spaceship in another one or stay on the station and use turrets and shoot them or prevent infiltratiol these are good Ideas give me feed back
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