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  1. looking for a clan, post if you know any
  2. I'm looking for a decent clan, and i'm not talking about skill level. i hate playing swat. i wont change my gamertag, i'm not looking for a military based clan or clans that roleplay. other than that i'm up for anything. i dont mind changing my motto or my bio, or armor colors, but i like my emblem. i'm looking for a clan that is halo based. also i dont care which country the members are in but i'm really only interested if its primarily based in US, Canada, or Mexico somewhere in that timezone
  3. I'm looking for a halo 4 clan, my gamertag is Seventh Svaltus, i have a positive K/D ratio, and a headset.
  4. want to have a clan battle some time? my gamertag is seventh svaltus
  5. message me, my gamertag is seventh svaltus, i'm looking for 4v4 or 6v6 until i get more people
  6. blitz is looking for new members. you must have a mic! and be willing to put Blitz in your motto, if you are interested in trying out or if you are a clan seeking a clan battle send a message to seventh svaltus. we have 8-10 people so far. we won't make you change your armour or emblem or anything lame like that xD
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