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Found 1 result

  1. Sup, Community? This is Darkrain491 with the best way to keep loadouts but balance them effectively. I recently posted a related thread that was side tracked. So please keep this thread solely on loadouts, and on posting your ideas and suggesting improvements on other peoples but first some things that I want to make clear and are facts and are not negotiable or deniable. 1: The secong fire mode of the Boltshot is a shotgun mode and is OP despite its Nerf. Some people maintain that it is not a shotgun. 2: Plasma Pistols and Plasma Grenades in Loadouts IS overpowered, without a doubt. 3: The amount of Flinch the DMR causes is far to much, and flinch should be removed entirely. 4: this thread is only about loadouts 5: Sprint for everyone as a default should be kept as the majority of Halo 4 maps are big, and Halo 5 should have much of the same, but made better with better initial weapons and better spawns. Primary Weapon Choices: UNSC Precision: Battle Rifle: Shield Break 3 Bursts, Health 3 Bursts, 2x Zoom. 36 mag (12 bursts) DMR: Shield Break 4 Shots, Health 3 Shots, 3x Zoom 15 mag UNSC Automatic: Assualt Rifle: Shield Break 12 Shots, Health 6 Shots, No Zoom. 32 Mag. ODST Silenced SMG: Shield Break 18 Shots, Health 10 Shots, 2x Zoom. 48 Mag. Covenant Precision (Arbeiter's Faction): Covenant Carbine: Shield Break 6 Shots, Health 4 Shots, 2x Zoom. 18 Mag Covenant Automatic Weapons: Plasma Rifle: Shield Break 8 Shots, Health 10 Shots. Plasma Repeater: Shield Break 14 Shots, Health 10 Shots. (No overheat, venting system, high fire rate) Storm Precision Weapons (Jul M'daama's faction) Needle Rifle: Shield Break 7 Shots, Health 3 Shots (SuperCombine), 2x Zoom. 21 Mag. Storm Automatic Weapons Storm Rifle: Shield Break 8 Shots, Health 10 Shots. (Higher Firerate than Plasma Rifle, Overheats faster) Brute Militia Precision Weapon Thorn Rifle: Shield Break 4 Shots, Health 3 Shots, 3.5x Zoom, High Bloom. 15 Mag. Brute Militia Automatic Weapon: Spiker: Shield Break 14 Shots, Health 12 Shots, Bonus Melee damage large Magazine (52) Forerunner Precision Weapons: Light Rifle: (Unzoomed) Shield Break 4 Bursts, Health 3 Shots, 36 Magazine (Zoomed) Shield Break 3 Shots, Health 2 Shots, 3x Zoom, 12 Shots a Magazine Promethean Automatic Weapon Suppressor: Shield Break 13 Shots, Health 13 Shots, 48 magazine Armour Abilities Now these are centered around more balanced Gameplay and not player benefits. Player Self Aid: Active Camo: Note (These ideas are from another thre and are NOT my original ideas but i liked them alot so i feel the need to spread these new Active Camo Abilities) Active Camo in its current form is an op camo campers dream. these changes take their dream and turn it against them. The new Active Camo works better the FASTER you move, causing the players position to always be revealed but they will be invisible, So now it is better for crossing open fields where there is little cover opening new stategies instead of improving old camping metheods. now that you will always be on radar, there is no need for the radar jammer, but we will come back to that. While active, promethean vision will not work on you while you are sprinting. Evade: Now that all players have ready to use sprint, evade is limited to one use per cooldownbut otherwise is the same as hali reaches, this replaces thruster pack Jump Pack: This replaces the currently OP jetpack this is a single use upwards thrust thay luanches a player into the air by about 15 feet in a slow arch movement, similar to the brute jump packs in Halo 3. Promethean Vision: Same effects as Halo 4. people are diffently affected while they have active Radar jammer or Active camo. Drop shields and Regen Fields are highlighted in blue and green respectivly. Players who are not moving will be fully highlighted red, not just red outlines. Suppirt Self Aid: Armour Lock: By removing the ability to stun those who melee an armour locked player and the EMP effect on players (but will still affect vechicles) this armour ability becomes not overpowered and cannot he abused the way it was in reach. now it will be good for anti-vechicle and explosion surviving, the way bungie meant it to be used. Hard light shield: Provides an alternative to armour lock that gives the user more mobility at the cost of less protection, it will work as it currently does Grenade Resistance: 10 seconds (Interupptable) of lessened grenade damage (players will still killed one hit with full shields when stuck) offers yet another alternative to armour lock that allows full mobility but only reduced damage from grenades and not all forms of damage (AA version of explosives support package) Stamina: While active, provides the user with faster reloads and indefinate sprint (Mix of the mobility and dexterity packages) Support: Drop Shield: (Assume a return of the medpacks and health system) Creates a bubble shield (stronger than reaches, weaker than Halo 3s) that while within it your will automatically regain healt But not shields, but they will start to recharge normally. Regeneration Field: The Opposite of Drop Shield. This AA will automatically recharge TEAMATES shields but not their health their is also no bubble effect or vison obscuring Radar Jamming: Due to the new removal of radar jamming on Active Camoflage, it can be made into an AA that Does this: Creates false enemy and teamate indicators on enemy motion sensors that are within range. prevents the player being seen on promethean vision while walking or sprinting. EMP drop mine: Large EMP AoE detantion that stuns vechicles and drains shields but emits green light and beeps loudly, can be triggerd by shooting or pressing AA button again, long recharge time. Seconadary Weapons: ODST silanced Pistol: Shield Break 5 Shots, Health 3 Shots, 2x Zoom Halo 4 Magnum: Shield Break 4 Shots, Health 3 Shots, 2x Zoom Halo 3 Magnum: Shield Break 3 Shots, Health 2 Shots, No Zoom, Slowest firerate of secondarys Second Primary: Player may subsitute their armour ability to spawn with a second primary weapon of the same faction as their primary All player have defualt frags, not changable. Packages are removed entirely, Waypoints to power weapons are removed, except when within 5 feet of the weapon, Flinch is removed and replaced with the zoom out when shot. these are my revised loadout system to balance the game and promote team work, as protecters and and aiding teamates with the support armour abilities will earn you bonus credits used to buy SOME armour pieces, some are unlocked via set requirements e.g 15 perfections. Credits DO NOT act as EXP and the ranking system is similar to Halo 2 crossed with halo 3s Please tell me what you think!
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