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  1. Share the best story you ever heard here. I'll start. WARNING, YOU MAY NOT LIKE IT. A father brings his son home from the hospital for the first time. he says "you are going to be a great person" A few years pass, and he graduated pre-k. The father asks "You did a good job at school kiddo! What do you want as a graduation gift?" His son replies "I want 10 pink Ping-Pong balls." The father scratches his head, but says "OK, well if that's what you want..." A year passes and the son graduates kindergarten. The father asks "what do you want this year?" To which, the son replies "I want 100 pink Ping-Pong balls." The father replies with "is that really what you want?" "Yeah!" "Well, ok." Five more years pass and the son graduates elementary school. "You did great getting straight A's, champ! How do you want to celebrate?" "I want 1000 pink Ping-Pong balls!" The father sits for a moment, trying to understand why his son wants the Ping-Pong balls, but gives in to his son. Three more years pass and middle school is over... "So, do you want to go work on getting your permit, son?" "No, I want 10000 pink Ping-Pong balls!" "Why do you want Ping-Pong balls?" "It's a secret. I'll tell you later." Four more years... "OK, you graduated High School, so do you want to go get a car?" "I want 100000 pink Ping-Pong balls." "I should have guessed as much..." After 8 more years, the son now has a doctorate in Foreign disease control & treatment, and his father couldn't be happier. "I'll get you a car, a house, anything! Just not Ping-Pong balls..." "We'll, I want 1,000,000 pink Ping-Pong balls." His father buys the Ping-Pong balls, and on goes there lives. The son has decided to travel to South Africa to help treat dying people. The father gets a call from his son and answers quickly. "Hello?" "Dad, I met a woman here, and we're getting married." "That's great news son, and I'm gonna guess you want 10,000,000 pink Ping-Pong balls?" "Exactly! Thank you so much!" A year passes, and the father receives a call. "Dad? We have just had a beautiful baby girl!" "I know, I know. I'll get the 100,000,000 pink Ping-Pong balls." "You're the best, dad." Two years later, the father received horrific news of a disease that has developed recently, and his son is on his deathbed. Being in all of the debt from all the pink Ping-Pong balls, the community raised money for him to go to see his son in Africa. He makes it to the hospital and confronts his son, looking worse than he thought. "Son? Is everything going to be OK?" "The doctor said I only have a few days to live. I want to tell you that you are the best dad ever." "And you are the best son a father could have. I'd like to know one thing before you go. Why did you want so many pink Ping-Pong balls?" "Well, you see, it's actually a funny story. The reason I wanted all those Ping-Pong balls was-" And he dies. END
  2. UNSC weapons are OP on Halo 4, but Target Locater Covenant Weapons are Under-powered on 4, but Needle rifle from Reach Prometheans have the most balanced weapons excluding the Binary Rifle, but the Oddball (due to the ball assassination) ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T THINK I SHOULD CHOOSE TARGET LOCATOR, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SKIP TO 7:04. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTKaCRvD4dA)
  3. Well I meant an opinion about ODST vs Wars, but If you payed any attention, Bungie was helping 343 a helluva lot on Halo 4 by having Bungie members come in, say what 343 did well, and what they could improve on. Second remains the fact that 343 bought the rights to Halos 4, 5, 6, and everything in between. Do you have any idea how stupid it would have been to sell the entire franchise to a noob company AND not pay attention? I don't see your logic in your post. In addition to that, you failed to mention any (if any) sources you have if you were to attack my information. I can't say you are at fault, considering that none of this information has been released officially.
  4. I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong location, but I did not know where to post it, and this seemed like a good place. As far as Halo is concerned, I have 2 sources from Bungie that have NEVER let me down on info since Halo 2, plus a third from 343, and this is what they had to say about upcoming Halo sidestory games: -After Halo 5, there will be 3 sidestory games. This is believable because after Halo 3, there was ODST, Wars, Reach, and Anniversary. -The original idea for the first of those games was ODST 2, featuring online multiplayer matchmaking (unlike it's predecessor, ODST), there will be more customization features, and a very much upgraded story so that we see what happens next. *REMEMBER THIS* -The games supposedly confirmed now are, in order of release, Wars 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, and *Halo: complete multiplayer edition. (I will explain what that is)* Now I'll discuss these as much in-depth as I can. Wars 2 is pretty much a continuation of the Halo Wars story, with some new maps and tools, including a possible forgeable mode. Halo 2 Anniversary is, as you guessed, the modern Xbox's (720, Durango, and X3 are the names being decided upon)version of Halo 2 for the original Xbox. New graphics, fluid movement, and probably Halo Reach-style matchmaking like on Anniversary. And finally, The COMPLETE MULTIPLAYER EDITION. This game is a long-shot, but if 343 can do it, they will earn back the respect of all the Halo players they lost from 4, along with keeping there current fans AND getting new ones. The complete multiplayer edition is a 3-4 disc box set, with each disc having different purposes. Disc one will include a majorly-hyped Firefight mode, including Firefight matchmaking, and a possible forge specifically made for Firefight. The second disc will be the matchmaking + custom games disc. It will include almost ALL PLAYLISTS from across the Halo Series. The final disc (if it is the last) will be a majorly revamped forge mode disc. It will have new features including set object shape, set object theme, and set reactions. This game is giving me a nerd-gasm just thinking about it. As for some other features to look forward to -The released copy will include at least 3 of the most popular maps from Halos 1-5, including the sidestory games, (minus wars, unless they decide to try and make a FPS-style version of one of those maps) and will be including ALL FIREFIGHT MAPS FROM REACH AND ODST. -The rest of the maps will be DLC, probably about 20$ per pack or 100$ for an online pass. -A CONFIRMED RETURN OF SANDBOX FORM HALO 3. -The ability to play as a Spartan, Elite, and for the first time, Forerunner. Each will include full-customization features. (unlike on Reach where you can only pick Elite types) -A new version of Forge World The normal set will probably be between the price of 100$-150$ Now keep in mind two things, these are confirmed for the IDEAS of each game, and if that is the price range, deal with it because 343 went all-out to give us as much as they can, so cheers for them. One final note. As I said earlier, ODST 2 was originally going to be released before Halo Wars 2. BUT, what I heard was, ODST 2 has been COMPLETELY SCRAPPED TO MAKE ROOM FOR HALO WARS 2. I think Halo Wars was the best RTS for Xbox, but ODST was my favorite sidecampaign from across the Halo dynasty. I respect those of you that like Halo Wars, but it is COMPLETELY STUPID TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! BITE THE BULLET AND AT LEAST MAKE AN ATTEMPT! I want all of you to leave a reply on what you think of this info, tell me whether they should make ODST 2, Wars 2, or BOTH, and tell me your reasoning. I'd love (and I'm sure 343 would also) to hear some input on this major topic.
  5. I wanted to do this project on Halo Reach, but Halo 4 was released one week later, so my idea is to make a pinball machine. People will be fighting inside this machine, while the pinball, being a kill ball, wreaks it's vengeance upon all who enter it's domain. Things required- ( 1. A kill ball. ) ( 2. Various gravity cannons that will allow the kill ball to move around well. ) (3. It has to be on a 30 degree slope to allow the ball to fall, but enough to walk on.) (4. Some kind of reactables to give the game some moving features, like maybe the kill ball could hit a landmine to activate a fusion coil launcher.) (5. It needs to have color, to keep it from looking bland.) I would like to be working on this preferably during the week (Monday-Thursday) between the times of 4:30pm and 10:30pm EST (which is actually 1:30pm-7:30pm for people on the west coast.) If you have creative ideas, would like to help me build it, or want to test it when it's done, message me on XBL to GT (Chaos GoD X), and I will try and get you in on the action. All people will be credited for their input in this project, and featured on my YouTube channel once the map is complete. All that is required is that you have a working mic. I hope to be in contact with some of you soon. 1.111
  6. Scarabs are armored Lekgolo worms that the covenant took control of. Look it up on waypoint. Anyway, on to business. All weapons from across the halos, Supercombine explosive launcher (Needle Blaster), Supercombine Sniper (Needle Sniper), return of the needle rifle (I realize that I like needlers. Get over it.), More Sandbox-style forge maps; at least 2 (meaning big, open, and full of opportunities like forgeworld and sandbox), SET OBJECT PROPERTIES IN FORGE!!! (this would be the biggest success in halo. The ability to set a certain object to, say, explode when you stand on it too long, or a certain weapon's bullet makes some type of trigger sequence like shoot a sniper bullet at the light to make the floor disappear. You get the idea.), playable elites WITH AS MANY CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS AS SPARTANS, more ranks, more specializations, BETTER specializations, MUCH HIGHER RANK CAP, balanced weapons (in case you haven't noticed, UNSC weapons are much more powerful, whether you want to believe it or not), A COLOR PALET FOR MORE COLOR OPTIONS, CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON COLORS, a promethean vehicle, return of the hornet (or falcon, I don't care), possibly dual wielding?, more diverse color schemes of maps, more armors (I do like the unlockable armor skins, but it's honestly just a cover-up to show the few armor pieces.), and diverse situations throughout the campaign. I like to think these are obvious, though. THIS JUST CAME TO ME. Forge- the ability to spawn AI's to a certain team, to spice things up a little. I don't care whether it's just marines, or if it's all of the different AI's. With some maps, two people isn't enough. In some maps, 16 isn't enough. Spawning AI's would make it enough. Also, a command key for them (use x to access, chose to give weapon, tell them to get back, tell them to go to an objective, and tell them to hunt for enemies.) I will honestly say, regardless of the reviews, I will promise to buy halo 5 if this feature is included.
  7. If I may, you attacked first. And second, if you DARE to take on making halo, you better be able to deliver. The editor may be better but the maps are not that good, and several key features have been stricken from it. And your name-calling because he doesn't like it? His comment could have been a little more intellectual, but the fact remains that Halo 4's Forge mode was a borderline failure. We don't want tiny little specs of map. We want big and open.
  8. I'm the leader of ToksykGaming. My name is Ace. I'd like to find some new people to play with online on Halo 4. Toksyk Gaming is a small group of people that don't mind partying up to do Spartan ops, War Games, hunt achievements, and test Custom Games maps. We wanted to expand because the main four of us started having some minor complications with our gaming schedule, so it seems we're never on at the same time. We'd like to see what other people have to offer, so TGU is now open to anybody who meets these requirements: Must have a working mic (Kinect doesn't count), must have Halo 4 (obviously), and must be 18 years of age minimum (or at least not a squeaker). Those terms are fairly easy to meet, so I'm hoping some of you guys would like to join. If you meet the requirements and would like to join, HMU on XBL with a message saying you're from the forum and want to join. Backstory- All of our members are from rather large clans that were often unsupportive or required too much out of us. We decided to start a small group and we promised to keep it small enough so that we have people to play with, and that people wouldn't be ignored. Thus, TGU. We occasionally film machinima-style videos and I will do some PC stuff (Minecraft, DCU Online, TF2), with the collaboration of a small clan called the GoD X Clan (godzxclann on youtube) and we're always open to volunteers. I hope to be in contact with some of you soon. - Ace of Spades, Leader
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